How to save cash in your car insurance within the Netherlands – NL instances

Saving on your car insurance can be easier than you think. The annual comparison of your car insurance, which is called autoverzekering vergelijken in Dutch, and smart choices for deductibles, coverage and additional insurance are some examples of how you can save on your car insurance right away. However, there are many more tips that can save you money on your NL car insurance. Check out this article for some of these handy tips.

Annual check

Saving on your car insurance starts with taking a critical look at your car insurance every year. The premium and terms of car insurance change every year, but of course your own situation changes too. Your car is getting older, you have more damage-free years or you drive fewer kilometers. You should therefore check every year whether your current car insurance is still the right and cheapest car insurance. If you compare your car insurance every year without a doubt, you can save on your car insurance. You may find cheaper car insurance elsewhere, even if you pay monthly.

Small damage

Do you have a little damage? Then it is often cheaper to pay for it yourself. If you make a claim through car insurance, you usually lose your no-claims discount. This increases the price you have to pay for your car insurance. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay for small damages yourself, otherwise you will have to pay a higher insurance price for a few years, as you will lose your no-claims discount after a claim has been reported. In some cases it is even possible to repair the damage yourself, which is of course even cheaper.

Insurance coverage

Check regularly whether the insurance cover still fits your car. For example, a car loses value over time. Do you have limited liability insurance for your car? Then after a few years it can be cheaper to only take out liability insurance. When you buy a brand new car, you are likely already insuring it at total risk. After a few years, however, your car has lost so much of its value that fully comprehensive insurance is no longer worthwhile. Liability insurance or liability insurance may be a better fit for you in this case. In addition, you save a lot of costs with less coverage.

Increase deductible

Adjusting your deductible, called Eigen risico in Dutch, is also a way of saving on your car insurance. Often times, when you increase the deductible, you pay a lower price per month. Look carefully at what you are saving and whether that outweighs the additional deductible that you have to pay in the event of a claim. If you drive fewer miles or your car is worth less, you should adjust your deductible to save on your car insurance. You have a deductible of 150 euros. You want to increase this to save on car insurance.

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