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As of 2021, auto insurance in Maryland can cost on average $ 760 per year for the state minimum liability. Fully comprehensive insurance costs even more. So how are Maryland residents supposed to save money on their auto insurance? Read on to learn how to use the. Find best car insurance near you and save money.

Compare offers.

The first thing to do when looking for any type of insurance is to familiarize yourself with the policy you already have. What type of coverage are you paying for and need more or less?

Chances are you're already saving as much money as possible with your current insurer, but you should never assume that. It's not a bad idea to reassess your coverage every time it is renewed (6 months to a year), but you should look around at least every couple of years.

The coverage and premium options are constantly changing. To make sure you are getting the best deal, it is a good idea to shop regularly. Some companies offer discounts to new customers while others offer rewards for long-term customers.

Check your policy to see what it covers, what it costs and what areas you could improve to get a better tariff. Then compare your current tariff with those of other auto insurers in your area. Don't forget to check with the local insurance companies as well. The big names don't always have the best deals.

Bundle your insurance contracts.

The best way to save money on your car insurance is to have all of your vehicles covered by the same policy. Most insurance companies offer affordable rates for multiple car coverage. You can also add home or life insurance and get an even better deal.

Bundling is the most consistent method of saving money for most insurance companies. So find out from your current provider what they offer and how much you can save. Then compare with other companies and see what their bundling offers are.

Don't forget that many insurance companies also cover your motorcycle, RV, ATV or boat. If you can get all of your properties under the same policy, you are sure to get the best deal from this company. That's not to say the rate can't change. It's still a good idea to poke around every few years or so.

Improve your record.

Another great way to save money on auto insurance is to reassess your driving history and creditworthiness every few years. If it has been some time since your last parking ticket, accident or DUI, you can save your premium by taking advantage of good driver discounts.

Likewise, drivers with better credit scores can save money on their monthly premiums. Simple things like paying your bills on time or staying within the speed limit can have a huge impact on your award prices.

Check with your vendors to see what discounts they offer and what you may be eligible for. Have you completed a defensive driving course? That could bring you a lower price even after an accident.

If you have young drivers at home, have they passed the age of responsibility? Most insurance companies charge more for younger drivers, but lower it after a certain age. Even students with good grades can usually qualify for discounted prices. Check with the company for where the cutoff is.

Zoom out.

If you drive a large SUV or van, consider downsizing to a more compact vehicle. The same goes for more expensive vehicles like luxury cars and sports cars. In most cases, this not only saves you fuel and maintenance, but many insurance companies also offer discounts for safer, greener or more technologically advanced vehicles.

The lower the mileage of your vehicle, the cheaper the premium. This is where your place of residence comes in. If you have a long commute to work, you should at least occasionally carpool or use public transport.

Less mileage on your vehicle means you are less likely to be in an accident. In most cases, the safer your car, the lower your premium will be. While drivers are not penalized for having large or energy-inefficient vehicles, in some cases you get a better reward with smaller, safer cars.


To save money on auto insurance when you live in Maryland, some research and lifestyle adjustments are required. However, it's not an impossible task. Definitely stay tuned News from Southern Maryland to learn more about auto insurance trends and tips.

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