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£ 250 for the overpayment I would have to pay if I were to file a claim.

This policy has expired and the insurer offered me the same coverage for £ 29 for one year or £ 750 for £ 45.

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Is it worth buying? I currently have a Maximum No Claims Protected Bonus with my auto insurer and my deductible is £ 650.

How to save money on your car insurance.

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When buying car insurance, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the peace of mind that the wide range of paid add-ons purport to offer.

Legal protection insurance, an extended replacement vehicle, key protection – all of this helps to mitigate the blow should something go wrong, but the costs can quickly skyrocket.

The author describes how you can save hundreds of pounds a year.

There's excess insurance in that bucket of add-ons, and I can see the appeal.

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The downside to this tactic, however, is that a high deductible can make small repairs uneconomical and larger repairs unaffordable, especially if you have multiple claims to make in a year. This is where excessive protection can help.

It will reimburse part or all of the deductible you have to pay when you make a claim. But be careful, there can be tricky terms in the guidelines that can undermine the value.

Our research has shown, for example, that some policies are subject to certain claims, such as B. Windshield repairs, do not pay off.

In addition, you are already paying out for no-claims discount protection. A no claims bonus is a discount on your car insurance to reward you for not making a claim on your policy.

After a year of no compensation, you may get 30 percent and that discount increases for each year that no claims are made. If you have five years entitlement, you can benefit from a discount of 60 to 80 percent.

This can be incredibly valuable, but making claims can undermine the discounts.

This allows the discount to be reduced to the level of previous years. But buying a no claims discount can protect that discount when you need to make a claim.

It's another extra extra that you can buy with your insurance and it prevents a limited number of claims (two or three claims over a three year period is common) from affecting your no claims bonus.

It usually costs around £ 60 per year and the higher your no-claims discount, the more it is worth paying for that coverage.

This does not mean that your premiums will go up if you have to claim a claim.

While you protect your rebate, the insurer may price your policy higher in the future because they think you are riskier and more likely to make a claim in the future.

So while you can keep a 60 percent discount on your policy, for example, that discount can be higher.

What really matters is whether you think you can afford to pay the £ 650 deductible to make a claim.

Given that you've built up no-claims bonuses over several years, you are less likely to make a claim and less likely to use excess protection.

And if you choose to pay for both the Excess and No Claims Cover, add £ 100 a year to your car insurance costs when No No Claims are likely to be the most beneficial.

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