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Pay-per-mile auto insurance is a type of insurance policy that consists of a base rate based on factors such as the driver's age, creditworthiness, driving history, the type of car the policyholder drives, gender, and other factors is calculated and the number of miles the policyholder drives. To calculate how many miles a policyholder will drive, insurers use an in-car device that records the number of miles logged each month. Drivers who don't drive at all only pay the basic rate. However, drivers venturing on the open roads pay a monthly premium that reflects their mileage, including a daily mileage cap above which the policyholder is not charged any fees.

Policyholders considering switching to a pay-per-mile plan should keep the following in mind:

  • Who should get this directive. The premium calculation based on the kilometer flat rate makes this policy unattractive for frequent drivers. Because of this, people who drive many miles behind the wheel are less likely to buy pay-per-mile insurance. On the other hand, this is a great option for people who live in urban areas or who don't need to use their car that often.
  • How much money can motorists save. It all depends on how many kilometers you drive. To see how much they can save, policyholders can get quotes from traditional auto insurance providers and pay-per-mile insurers and use their estimated annual mileage as a predictive marker to calculate how much each option could cost them.
  • The differences between pay-per-mile and pay-as-you-drive policies. Pay-as-you-drive policies use a telematics device to track the driver's driving behavior. The devices track speed, heavy braking, and a few other factors to determine how much a driver can save on safe driving. On the other hand, the pay-per-mile insurance is only calculated with a base rate and a per-mile rate. How reckless a driver drives does not affect the cost of pay-per-mile insurance.
  • Can it be canceled? Insured persons can cancel their pay-per-mile policy at any time, but many providers charge a fee for this. However, this fee may be waived if the policyholder switches to a traditional, unlimited mileage policy.
  • What it covers. A pay-per-mile policy offers the same insurance coverage as a conventional policy. However, while a traditional policy charges a monthly premium based on factors such as age, gender, make of car, model, driving history, etc., the fee is usually limited to a certain mileage limit per day.

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