If the film "Ah Boys to Males" had been an actual insurance product, that is what it could seem like

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It's been almost a decade since Ah Boys to Men (ABTM) 2012 came to our cinemas for the first time. Jack Neo's iconic film franchise about the experiences of a group of young recruits in national service continues to strike a nerve, as the first film proves the most-streamed Singaporean title on Netflix in 2020.

The popularity of the films can be traced back to their portrayal of the recognizable Nazi experiences that every Singaporean son went through. It's not just about throwing grenades, stand-by beds and countless push-ups. The films are also about maturity, growth and responsibility. Just as the films show the recruits Ken, Aloysius, Lobang and IP Man's emotional paths as they grow, so too can we take responsibility for ourselves and reflect on our finances and protection at different points in our lives.

If ABTM were a real insurance product, it would also show growth and responsibility, just like Aviva's MINDEF and MHA group insurance plan – Group delay (GTL) and Group accident (GPA). These plans can help you overcome challenges from all phases of your Nazi life chaos Recruit for ORD (Operationally Ready Date) and beyond.

Let's find out how:

Ah boy

Probably the first insurance you take out and take into your own hands.

With shouts of “ADVERTISING! KNOCK IT DOWN !! " Hurled at you practically every day, a rude awakening awaits you when you first join the army. It's also probably the fittest most guys will ever be in their lives.

Starting with Basic Military Training (BMT), you will face a whole host of new challenges, both physical and mental, as you begin your Ah Boy to Man transformation. At this stage of life, the main thing you might think about is when you can finally get into the cookhouse to feed your starving self.

Safety comes first at NS, of course, and every recruit is in good hands. However, no matter how small a risk, there is always. Fortunately, all of our “Ah Boys” are automatically covered by MINDEF / MHA group insurance under the Core Scheme with GTL and GPA coverage worth S $ 150,000.

There are those too Voluntary system that these Ah Boys can consider for extra security in case something bad should happen to them (choy ah!). In addition, MINDEF insurance covers all army activities, even if you handle firearms or pyrotechnics. It also covers you in and out of camp – and even when traveling around the world!

You can get your insurance coverage under the GTL voluntary system for just $ 1.37 per day and up to $ 1 million insured! In addition, the costs remain the same up to the age of 65 on the next birthday. No medical check-up is required if the sum insured is up to $ 250,000.

Yes, it's worth being a little more siao on when it comes to signing up for it, because if you apply for products under the voluntary program within the first 30 days of your admission and you are graded as PES A or B during your medical grading, you don't need any additional medical underwriting.

To protect against accidents and TPD, the voluntary GPA scheme gives you a maximum coverage of $ 600,000 plus $ 10,000 for mobility aids and home rehabilitation renovations up to $ 10,000. The cost of that? Super affordable $ 0.20 per day that won't weigh too heavily on your Nazi allowance.


You've finally received ORD-ed (become a ready-to-go NSMan) and your pink IC, but as your RSM (Regimental Sergeant Major) will no doubt remind you, this isn't the end of your Nazi commitments. When you meet up with your friends at the annual in-camp trainings (ICT) you will marvel at the changes in their lives. Who got married, had children, and bought houses and cars?

NSM people are still eligible to enroll in the GTL and GPA programs even after they have completed their full-time service. Note that you must continue to be considered an NSMan in order to qualify to earn the voluntary program. If you become a military reserve, you are no longer eligible. This can happen in your late 30s depending on your NS rank and when you have completed these 10 cycles.

In addition, your spouse and children can participate in the same rate, and your spouse can continue the plan in the event you die, for both of them GTL and GPA Schemes. In the worst case scenario, this will protect your family.

For more protection as your obligations grow, increase your coverage with these drivers:

  • Home care (protects against 37 critical diseases)
  • Home care plus (Flat rate coverage of up to $ 300,000 for early critical illness diagnoses; add-on for Living Care)
  • Disability income (monthly payment in the event of disability due to accident or illness)
  • Outpatient medicine (covers outpatient treatment costs for you and your family)

There are also attractive privileges when purchasing other Aviva products as a voluntary GTL and GPA insured member to help you shape your life after your full-time NS stay. You can get a 15% discount on car insurance premiums (in addition to existing promotions) as well as the option to upgrade your home insurance to the next level (which means savings of up to a generous 56%).

And when the trip resumes, receive a 30% discount on travel insurance (on top of existing promotions) to make the most of your family vacation. Plus, these specials also apply to your immediate family members!


The great thing about Aviva's GTL and GPA plans is that on your next birthday you will still be covered until you are 70 years old (there is an option from age 65 after completing your Nazi training cycles and liabilities (you have to however, register for the voluntary program beforehand).

In addition to the optional GTL and GPA, Aviva also offers a range of Retirement products so that you and your family are well looked after into old age.

So there you have it. When ah guys to men was a real insurance product, it would look like Aviva's MINDEF and MHA group insurance plan – Group delay (GTL) and Group accident (GPA) Plans.

No matter what phase of your Nazi life you are in, these are inexpensive group insurances as they offer good coverage with affordable premiums (for less than the cost of one copy from the canteen per day).

As you begin and continue your own journey of growth and maturity, receive up to $ 90 worth of e-vouchers when you sign up or upgrade your GTL, GPA, and / or driver insurance coverage.

The promotion is valid until December 31, 2021. Chiong ar !!!


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