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May 26, 2021

Imagine a world where you only pay
for car insurance based on your mileage or your home
Content Policy updates automatically when you buy a new one
Technology, art and furniture. This type of personalized insurance
will be possible in New Zealand with the introduction of soon
Huddle at the end of 2021.

Teamwork is open
with Tower Insurance
Start Huddle and bring easy,
personalized, digital-first insurance for newcomers

Open has sold more than 60,000 cars and houses
Insurance policies available all over Australia and also
Insurance from technology leaders like Telstra. Opens New
The operation in Zealand is taken over by Tower and Leverage
Tower reinsurance, pricing, and claims supply chain, all
via API thanks to Tower's significant investment in

Tower CEO Blair Turnbull says more
For kiwis, competition can only be good at one point
Insurance market currently by large

“There is a huge opportunity to reinvent yourself
how insurance works, so we embrace innovation and
Energy that clever insurtech startups like Huddle are
bring to our industry.

“The success of Huddle will be
be our success that leads to accelerated growth for both
Business and more choice for customers. It's a win-win situation.
Underwriting Open's New Zealand business is one of many
innovative partnerships in which we invest, ”says Mr

Open uses artificial intelligence for
better prices, machine learning, and community thinking in order to
Insurance that allows customers to submit claim forms and
Images online and to receive money or coupons for
Replacement item within minutes. Huddles uses its high end
Technology platform with hundreds of bots for everyone
daily backend operations and claims.

Jason Wilby,
Co-founder and co-CEO of Open says Tower is the perfect one
Partner for your expansion in New Zealand.

Most of the New Zealand insurance market consists of
Companies with outdated systems that are not agile, and
Not serving customers well. It may seem strange that
We work with a 150 year old Kiwi owned company,
but Tower is completely aligned with our vision,
recalibrate how insurers use digital and data. Together
we can retain customers and make insurance easier and
easier for everyone
Kiwifruit. "

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