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Do I need home contents insurance when I go on vacation?

No, because your apartment is considered unoccupied, not vacant, because you are planning to return. You don't have to tell your home insurance company either. However, you should have your home checked regularly as your home insurance could expire due to water damage. (See broken water pipes above.)

If you can't get someone to check your home every few days, you may want to get free home insurance so that you are covered in the event of a loss.

Do I need household contents insurance if I rent out my apartment to tenants?

If your home has been vacant for more than 30 days, you may need to take out home insurance. If you have tenants, you should take out landlord's liability insurance. This provides liability in the event that your tenant or his guests are injured on your property. It also covers your possessions and damage to your property. If your tenant can no longer live there, the landlord insurance will compensate you for the loss of income.

You can also require your tenants to purchase tenant insurance that will cover their property if it is damaged.

Do I need home insurance if I am vacating my house for renovation work?

If you are vacating your home for more than 30 days due to renovations, you may need to take out a vacancy policy. Because nobody is in the house and there is a higher risk of water damage, theft or vandalism. You can also get a vacancy permit which provides some protection while the house is vacant; it costs about $ 100 a month. Remember that unlike vacancy insurance, it does not cover damage caused by vandalism.

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If I come home within 30 days and then leave again, will I still be insured?

Yes, but again it depends on your policy. Do you remember the pipes If your pipes burst and it turns out no one has checked the house, your home insurance could be void. This can happen in as little as four days, so it's important that you check back at home every few days. Have the heating and pipes checked, snow shoveled, the lawn tended, and the mail picked up. All of this shows that the house opposite is empty.

How much is the vacancy insurance?

Normal household insurance usually includes:

  • Theft or damage to your personal belongings
  • Damage, theft or loss of your home due to fire, etc.
  • Injury to others while in your home or property
  • Personal property stolen from your vehicle

There are endorsements that you can buy such as sewer protection or flooding over land. Then there is also free household insurance. The average annual cost of home insurance is $ 960, but blank home insurance costs more, up to 50 to 60% more, because of the added risk.

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