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John Lewis & # 39; According to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the controversial advertisement for home contents insurance received 337 complaints, and the number is rising.

The ad guard confirmed that he has been examining the complaints since yesterday (October 18).

The ad in question – created by Adam & Eve / DDB – featured a boy rocking to Stevie Nicks ‘Edge of Seventeen while dressing in his mother's clothes with a face load of poorly applied makeup.

The ad in question attracted a lot of attention and polarized opinions. The ASA reported on five main areas with which the complainants had problems.

Some contested that a boy was dressed and made up feminine. Others argued that the ad was sexualizing a child, pointing out that the child was making provocative movements and poses, and arguing that if the child were female, they would be perceived as sexualized.

The other area of ​​complaint concerns child pampering – some people found a problem with the ad asking children to be destructive and behave as they wanted as insurance covers it.

Although John Lewis confirmed that the destruction was covered by his home insurance, a number of people questioned whether the ad was misleading as they did not believe the intentional damage was covered by accident insurance.

Many of you have contacted us regarding the mindset behind our latest home insurance ad. Our answer is below:

– John Lewis & Partners (@JohnLewisRetail) October 14, 2021

With peoples' growing concern about unnecessary waste, some people noted that at a time when we should be conscious of the environment, the ad is encouraging waste, especially in throwing glitter and paint.

The ad ranks second in the most widely complained operations, after Ryanair's controversial and misleading "jab and go" campaign that received 2,370 complaints as of February this year.

But to put things in perspective, the most criticized ad of 2019 was GoCompare's auto accident ad, which received 336 complaints.

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