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Buyers were concerned that the damage pictured would not be covered by John Lewis home insurance.

// John Lewis' new ad for home insurance was branded horrific and sexist
// The retailer said it did customer research on the ad prior to its release and it was well received

While the British are longingly awaiting the highly anticipated Christmas commercial from John Lewis, the retailer has launched a brand new campaign on social media and television across the UK.

The retailer's new Home Insurance ad features a happy young boy dancing around his house to a Stevie Nicks soundtrack while wearing his mother's clothes, heels, and makeup.

Although the advertising is supposed to be a feel-good clip, it does not go down well with many buyers.

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After its release, many have suggested the retailer & # 39; sexism & # 39; accused, as one shopper said, “The John Lewis commercial, which features a young boy devastating everything while his sister obediently sits in a corner painting, is sexism that is in sixty seconds. "

John Lewis said a teenage girl was featured in the Tiny Dancer home insurance commercial in 2015. So this time around, the retailer decided to select a young male actor to display.

Another viewer of the ad said: “The sexism and sometimes violence that invades relationships between sisters and brothers – encouraged by adults pampering boys while demanding gentleness from girls – is not discussed enough. I hope that at least this stupid John Lewis advertisement can be a starting point. "

“I just made up for it after seeing all of the tweets. It's just awful. If my child behaved like this, I would be so disappointed with how selfish and reckless it was. It is just unnecessary destruction to expect the woman and girl to sit in gentle company, ”tweeted a third.

In addition to concerns, many buyers feared that the damage depicted in the ad would not be covered by John Lewis home insurance.

A spokesman for John Lewis told the Manchester Evening News: "Our ad is a dramatic, fictional story that shows our main character getting carried away and dancing to his favorite song – without being aware of the unintended consequences of his actions and not willful ones Detect damage.

“If customers had personal accident insurance with our home insurance, it would cover a range of major and minor domestic disasters – including accidental breakages caused by children in the family.

"We carried out customer research before the advertisement was published, and it was well received."

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