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The Insurtech start-up enables its new pay-per-km model with a KOBA Rider, a small device the size of a matchbox that is attached to the car's OBD port and communicates with the company's smartphone app to automatically set routes Calculate and calculate a kilometer price for each trip.

“Our pay per km product took over 12 months to develop and we are excited to be here and to offer the Australian public a very different approach to auto insurance. something that we consider a fairer and more transparent approach, ”said KOBA founder Andrew Wong.

"Pay-per-km insurance has changed the automotive insurance landscape in overseas markets, and we are excited to see how it will develop here in Australia."

Nick Bell, Head of Insurance + Underwriting added, “As part of your listing, we may charge you $ 300 to cover your car for the year while it is parked. Then we can charge you 5 ¢ per kilometer. At the moment you might only go to the supermarket and picnic once a week; and drive 200 km in a month.

“At 5 ¢ per km that would be $ 10 a month for your driving award. For the first time, we are giving customers control over their rewards. Customers decide how much they pay, if they drive less, they pay less. "

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KOBA first announced its plan to bring the first networked car insurance by kilometer to the market in Australia in April 2021, generating insights to support real-time mobile applications for customers.

According to KOBA, the By Bits SaaS includes a rating engine for calculating insurance premiums according to modifiable underwriting and rating rules and divides the premium into a fixed amount and a kilometer amount. In addition, it has an integrated policy management system for managing the entire life cycle of a motor vehicle insurance policy, from the offer to the policy to its renewal.

In August 2021, KOBA selected Eric Insurance Limited (eric), a general insurer with over 20 years of experience in the automotive insurance industry, as the underwriter of the kilometer-based motor insurance.

Eric CEO Malcolm Tilbrook said earlier: “KOBA has a great team and we were impressed from day one. They have an excellent mix of seasoned insurance veterans and proven start-up talent who have worked directly with eric executives. We throw our full support behind them and are excited to see what they can produce. "

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