"Lengthy COVID" will be thought of a incapacity underneath federal legislation – company insurance

"Long COVID," where COVID sufferers have long-lasting neurological and other symptoms for long periods of time after an apparent recovery from their original illness, can be viewed as a disability under federal law, the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of Justice said Monday.

According to federal law, people whose long COVID is considered a disability, who are sometimes referred to as "long-distance drivers", have the "right to the same protection against discrimination as any other person with a disability," says the agencies' joint statement.

The statement cites the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act 1973, and the Act of Patient Protection and Affordable Care.

The statement cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as saying that people with long-term COVID have a range of new or persistent symptoms that can last for weeks or months after being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 through physical or mental activity.

These symptoms include tiredness or exhaustion, difficulty thinking or concentrating, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or headache, the statement said.

The statement states that the physical or mental impairment of long-term COVID can severely limit vital activities in life, and this should be interpreted broadly under federal law "and not require extensive analysis."

However, for a long time COVID should not automatically be counted as a disability, they say. "An individualized assessment is necessary to determine whether a person's long-term COVID condition or symptoms are severely limiting an important life activity," the statement said. "The CDC and health professionals are working to better understand long-term COVID."

Because COVID has long been viewed as a disability, organizations may need to change the way they work to accommodate those affected. Sensible modifications, including modifying procedures, so that a customer who finds it too tiresome to stand in line can announce their presence and sit down without losing their place in line

The statement includes a list of federal resources for people with long-term COVID symptoms.

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