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This review of Liberty Mutual Car Insurance covers the company's extensive range of discounts and coverage options. The variety of programs and the user-friendly website are the strengths of Liberty and could be the main reason to choose this important and historic insurance company.

Liberty, on the other hand, has received an above-average number of customer complaints. As a result, it is generally below the industry average. Customer service is undoubtedly essential, but to help you make an informed decision, we'll dive into what sets Liberty Mutual apart from its competitors.

This review from Liberty Mutual answers your questions about insurance rates, discounts, and programs in the following areas:

Liberty Mutual products and services

Liberty Mutual offers several types of insurance, including home, auto, and business insurance. The auto insurance products include liability, collision, fully comprehensive, uninsured / underinsured motorists, personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments for auto accident insurance. In addition, Liberty Mutual offers a comprehensive insurance program.

  • Deductible Fund®
    Customers can add cash to a deductible, which lowers your deductible in the event of a collision. The customer adds $ 30 while Liberty Mutual adds $ 70.
  • Lifetime repair guarantee
    This coverage guarantees that your vehicle will get the repairs it needs for as long as you are the owner.
  • New / better car replacement
    Liberty Mutual will replace it with a year younger model if your car is totaled. This benefit only applies to new vehicles or less than 15,000 miles.
  • CAP insurance
    With GAP insurance, the insurer pays the difference between what you owe for a vehicle and the total cost.
  • Forgiveness of accidents
    You can ensure that your listing stays the same even if you have an accident for the first time after being insured with Liberty Mutual.

Additional coverage options include roadside assistance, new car replacement, and replacement of original parts. Aside from that, teachers and travelers to Mexico can also get insurance options at a discounted price.

Auto insurance chart for Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Review

What are the benefits of a Liberty Mutual Policy?

If you are a low mileage driver or an instructor looking for a second vehicle for work, Liberty Mutual could be a good choice for you. Its extensive coverage and discounts make it a preferred choice for low risk customers. However, the sub-par customer satisfaction levels could make you reconsider your decision to join Liberty Mutual.

Multiple discounts

Liberty Mutual, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of options to lower your asking price. Homeowners, early buyers, and active or former military personnel are eligible for special discounts. You can get a lower rate if you are a safe driver, buy a policy online, or are a good student. Here are some other discount options we found interesting:

  • The RightTrack program
    You can get up to 30% off when you allow Liberty Mutual to monitor your driving behavior. All you have to do is download an app on your phone for instant access. However, the amount of the discount may change within the 90-day evaluation period depending on driving behavior.
  • Alternative energy discount
    This discount applies to basic hybrid or electric vehicle insurance.
  • Discount for multiple policies
    If you insure more than one person in your family, you are eligible for a Liberty Mutual discount.
  • Student away at school
    Students who attend school or college from home and occasionally drive their vehicle are eligible for a discount at Liberty Mutual.

You will also receive further discounts if you drive without accidents or injuries or if you have installed security measures in your car (e.g. anti-theft devices).

How much does Liberty Mutual Insurance cost?

Insurance and property costs

The average six-month Liberty Mutual insurance policy costs $ 863, according to The Zebra. However, you may get a different offer based on your age, gender, and the state you live in.

Although the Savvy data tables below represent Liberty’s national average, Liberty Mutual Car Insurance is a great way to see how various factors can affect your car insurance rates.

Annual costs based on age, gender and marital status

Average annual average per operator
Age group gender marital status value
25 to 34 Female married $ 2,387.97
25 to 34 Female singles $ 2,074.07
25 to 34 masculine married $ 2,376.85
25 to 34 masculine singles $ 2,231.73
35 to 49 Female married $ 2,395.66
35 to 49 Female singles $ 1,912.35
35 to 49 masculine married $ 2,338.78
35 to 49 masculine singles $ 2,073.73
50 to 69 Female married $ 2,620.92
50 to 69 Female singles $ 1,163.08
50 to 69 masculine married $ 2,856.27
50 to 69 masculine singles $ 1,113.58

Source: Savvy

Does where I live affect Liberty Mutual's auto insurance costs?

The answer is yes. The state in which you live can have a significant impact on how much you pay for car insurance.

In addition, your driving history, creditworthiness, and where you live can all have an impact on tariffs. However, you are in luck if you live in California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Michigan. Read on to find out more.

What influences my car insurance offer?

Stacked and unstacked insurance

Many things can happen that will increase your insurance premiums. Age, gender, marital status and place of residence are not the only factors Liberty Mutual takes into account when composing your listing.


Liberty Mutual is cheaper than some others in terms of DUI penalties, but they're not the cheapest. According to The Zebra, the average DUI penalty at Liberty Mutual adds $ 988 to your prices. The highest is Allstate, with interest rates rising by $ 1,746. The lowest is Progressive with a price increase of $ 400.

Accident penalties

There is good news at Liberty Mutual if you have an accident. The company offers accident forgiveness, so the penalties for accidents or collisions are only average.

According to The Zebra, on average, for the three years after a mishap or accident you caused, you can expect:

  • First year: Average annual rate of $ 2,358
  • Second year: Average annual rate of $ 3,068
  • Third year: Average annual rate of $ 3,779

Calling the car insurance company after an accident

That surcharge is significantly lower than some of the most expensive post-collision insurers, like Allstate, whose tariffs will average $ 5,276 after the third year, and Progressive to $ 5,110.

Credit point penalty

One confusing fact with insurance companies is that they take your creditworthiness into account before they state your coverage. If you have exceptional creditworthiness, you're in luck. However, a bad or extremely low FICO credit ranking could result in you paying more than double what your creditworthy colleagues are putting aside.

More and more states have passed laws preventing auto insurers from checking their creditworthiness. These states include:

  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan

Washington state has passed interim law banning the practice. In other states, such as Oregon and Utah, it is not legal for auto insurers to cancel or not renew policies based on creditworthiness, even if they are still using them to determine rates.

TOP: If your credit is an issue and you don't live in any of the above states or drive a lot of annual miles, ask about the pay per mile insurance option. This usage-based plan could be a way to save on auto insurance.

How is Liberty Mutual's customer satisfaction?

Liberty Mutual's customer satisfaction rates aren't the highest in the industry. That low rating is an essential aspect of the company to consider as you want to be sure that the company has behind you as a customer.

Woman fills out customer service survey on the phone

Based on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) index that measures customer complaints, the number of complaints filed with Liberty Mutual in 2020 was 2.2 times the average for a company of its size.

However, the US auto insurance study JD Power 2021, which examines customer satisfaction in five areas (billing process / policy information, claims, interaction, policy offers and price), rates Liberty Mutual below average in all but two regions in which it operates. According to the survey of just under 40,000 drivers, Liberty Mutual in Texas and the southwestern United States performed above average. It ranks below average in the Southeast, North Central, New York, New England, Mid-Atlantic, the central United States, and California.

Liberty mutual background

In terms of financial stability, Liberty received an A rating from A.M. Best of all, which means it has a high chance of repaying its obligations to customers. This score is important because you want to make sure that your insurer pays all costs you incur in the event of an accident.

Founded in 1912, Liberty Mutual is the sixth largest insurance company in the states, offering a wide variety of insurance coverage. It now has a market share of nearly 5% and offers home, vehicle and business policies.

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