Metalworkers Fined $ 200,000 for Equipment and Noise Hazards – Company Insurance Enterprise

A metalworking facility in Milwaukee has been fined more than $ 200,000 for failing to address harmful machinery and noise hazards, the labor protection agency said Tuesday.

Tramont Manufacturing LLC, which manufactures fuel tanks and enclosures for power systems, was accused by OSHA of "ignoring hazards" during two OSHA inspections in 2020 that included citations on unguarded machinery, noise, and hazards to the face and eyes, the agency said With.

At a follow-up inspection in 2021 after Tramont failed to provide OSHA with information on how it reduced previously identified hazards, an investigator cited the company for four repeated, nine major, and three non-major security breaches with proposed fines of $ 216,000 Dollar.

The company has 15 business days to appeal the results.

In 2014, Tramont was taken out of bankruptcy administration by the UCA Group in Elgin, Illinois. Tramont chief operating officer Vijay Raichura said the company is "working hard to change Tramont's culture" and is working closely with OSHA to correct violations.

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