Modifications in car insurance: Drivers warned of “worth sport” as corporations “bind” prospects – Categorical

Data from Compare the Market found that car insurance prices fell an average of £ 80 year over year in the fourth quarter. The average cost is now just £ 640, the cheapest average price over a three-month period since 2014.

“It looks like insurers played a clever pricing game to keep premiums lower to keep as many customers as possible before new regulations come in in January.

“Our numbers suggest that drivers could lose if they automatically renew their policy.

“By switching to the cheapest premium instead, drivers could save around £ 100, and young drivers could save even greater than almost £ 300.

"These savings from switching providers could also help offset the currently rising cost of living."

Comparing the market has also warned young drivers who could benefit from the massive slogans.

The average premium for drivers under 25 is now around £ 1,205.

However, shopping and switching before the rules change could save young drivers up to £ 298.

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