Motability Insurance Guidelines: A Easy Information


Mobility has a major impact on helping disabled drivers secure adapted vehicles and enjoying the freedom that driving brings. However, people with partners, children, and caregivers may be confused about who is allowed to drive the car and who can make changes to the insurance policy.

This simple guide will teach you everything you need to know about motability insurance rules.

How do you qualify for a Motability car?

Many people receiving mobility-related disability benefits can rent a car from the Motability program. The following awards are currently eligible:

  • Housing allowance for the disabled (mobility component with a higher rate)
  • Personal independence payment (extended tariff mobility component)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment.

To apply, you must have at least 12 months of benefit payments left.

If you need changes, these must be fitted before the vehicle is delivered. This is to ensure that driving is safe and legal under the medical conditions established by the DVLA when your driver's license was issued.

Several cars

Since the leasing rate is covered by a person's performance bonus, it is not possible to have more than one car per person. However, a second authorized person in the same household could request their own car.

Who can drive a Motability car?

Up to three people can be insured in a Motability car. These can be friends, relatives or caregivers. Every driver must have a valid driver's license. If the license was not issued in the UK, additional verifications may be required. Named drivers are not allowed to have any disqualifications or convictions in the past five years.

Ideally, named drivers should reside within five miles of the disabled person whenever possible. Changes to a named driver's circumstances, such as: B. a change of address, belief, or health issue should be reported to both DVLA and Motability immediately.

Drivers can be added or changed, but only by the tenant. The new driver must agree to the guidelines of the system and allow his license to be compared with the driver database of the DVLA.

Young and makeshift drivers

Only one driver under the age of 21 is allowed at a time, including the renter. For insurance reasons, drivers under the age of 25 are limited to vehicles with no more than 120 hp (braking power).

Provisional drivers may be named in the insurance, but they cannot be the only named driver and be over the age of 21 unless they are also the tenant.

Temporary drivers

Drivers can be added for a period of 30 days, but must be included in a maximum of three named drivers. If they are likely to have multiple periods of time driving the car, they should be added as a permanent driver.

Abuse of Motability Vehicles

If the car is misused, the rental contract can be terminated and the driver can be excluded from further use of the motability scheme. The following is considered misuse of the vehicle:

  • Use the car in a way that does not benefit the disabled person
  • Illegal acts, including driving without a license or while driving is prohibited
  • Rent or sell a car
  • Use the car for business purposes.

Can I drive a Motability car with points on my driver's license?

Existing points were announced in the application phase. Any new points should be reported to Motability immediately to determine if coverage can continue. If a driver's information is not updated, the rental agreement can be terminated.

Limitations of Motability Car Insurance

As an all-in-one package, Motability leasing includes insurance, breakdown insurance and taxes. However, it is not an unlimited package as drivers must adhere to a number of restrictions when using the vehicle.


Motability cars come with a mileage allowance of 60,000 miles for the duration of the three-year lease. Additional fees will be charged for each mile over this limit.


Disabled children are also entitled to the motivation program

All of the named drivers are allowed to use the car for trips that benefit the disabled, e.g. B. for grocery shopping or other useful activities. The lessee does not have to be in the vehicle. This means that cars for disabled people aged three and over can be used to ensure that they are not denied access to services and care due to lack of mobility.

If named drivers do not live with the disabled person, a location tracker can be installed on the vehicle to monitor the journey and ensure correct use of the vehicle.

No entitlement bonus

Drivers using the motability scheme cannot build on their no-claims bonus when driving the leasing car. However, Adrian Flux will not accept a motability history letter as evidence of any claims.

Special vehicle insurance from Adrian Flux

As beneficial as motability is, it is not for everyone. Not all disabled drivers are eligible, and those who are may have difficulty getting back on the road after exiting the program. Adrian Flux is here to help.

As specialized insurance experts, we will find the right insurance policy for your customized vehicles and specific needs. Contact us today to get a quote on special car insurance for the disabled.

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