Motorists warned of accelerating car insurance as UK roads want repairing – hardest hit space – Each day Specific

At the start of Road Safety Week, a number of organizations are calling on the government to invest more in road transport. New research by the Ministry of Transport shows that the number of local roads in urgent need of repair has increased.

These roads – for local users rather than the traffic that traverses around 60 percent of all roads in the UK – are the top concern as 17 percent of road surfaces require immediate attention.

The survey, based on the local authorities' assessment of roads across England over the 2019-2021 period, shows that roads A, B and C generally remained in good condition during the pandemic.

It shows that six percent of the B and C back roads are in urgent need of repair and the condition of these roads has remained stable during the closure.

While only four percent of major roads are classified as in need of immediate repair, the situation has worsened in the past two years during the pandemic – after having improved over the past decade.

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He said, “I am pleasantly surprised that the condition of our most used roads was kept so well maintained during the closure, although reducing traffic may have helped keep the damage to a minimum.

“It's interesting to see that local roads are the only areas that are deteriorating during the pandemic – possibly due to various lockdowns and staff shortages that have been more difficult to maintain.

“The condition of many roads is not just a bogeyman for England's motorists, poor road conditions affect driver safety and can increase loss rates, which in turn can increase insurance premiums for all motorists in the affected area.

“While incidents like a pothole damaging your car's suspension should be covered by your insurance, breaking loose material in the windshield isn't always covered by all auto insurance.

"In addition, the driver's premium can increase if he claims damage from poorly maintained roads, and his no-claims bonus will usually also be affected."

This takes place at the start of the Road Safety Week from November 15 to 21, which is intended to raise awareness of safer driving.

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at, advised drivers to be "extra vigilant" this winter.

He said: “During the pandemic, we saw a 26% decrease in road accidents as fewer people were on the streets.

“But when the driving level is getting back to normal and some of us may feel out of touch, it is important that we are extra vigilant behind the wheel.

“In fact, our research has shown that 4.6 million drivers have had an accident or near miss since the pandemic began.

"To make the drivers feel more comfortable, our guides give the drivers a few tips on road safety."

Drivers should use high beams when driving at night, but remember to dim the lights when there is oncoming traffic.

If you need to slow down, do not use the brakes as stopping suddenly or changing speed increases the risk of the car crashing behind you.

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