New adjustments to the caravan rule may have an effect on drivers' car insurance insurance policies, warns DVSA – Specific

The DVSA is considering a change in regulations to enable motorists to pull heavy trailers and caravans without additional testing. However, in the recent consultation on new rule changes, the DVSA asked car insurance companies to look at how the new rules could affect drivers.

"We are aware, however, that we could not prescribe this requirement, so that it would not necessarily be ensured that the road safety standards are complied with or that an economically justifiable level of work would be available for some trainers."

The new proposals are intended to help free up examiner capacities in order to cope with the enormous backlog in driving tests.

The DVSA currently carries out over 30,000 B + E car and trailer tests every year.

The DVSA added that due to the pandemic, capacities have been increased.

The consultation ended a little over a week ago on September 7, after having been running since early August.

A summary of the responses will be published within three months of the end of the consultation.

The DVSA says this will include details on what to do next, or whether the rules will be changed to allow motorists to pull trailers without testing.

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