New York restaurant group desires to settle EEOC lawsuit for sexual harassment – Enterprise Insurance

A New York restaurant group agreed to pay $ 125,000 to resolve a U.S. lawsuit. Settle Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against a restaurant group that charged one of their chefs with sexual harassment.

The agency said Friday that the head chef at Liberty Warehouse, a popular Brooklyn wedding venue operated by Liberty Events LLC, allegedly exposed a class of female kitchen staff to sexual harassment and gender discrimination, including unwanted touch, sexual comment and included throwing objects at women and belittling them in front of colleagues on the basis of their gender.

The EEOC also said the chef made a female employee's raise contingent on her sleeping with him and when she refused, he kept a bonus, stopped assigning her duties and eventually fired her.

The agency said management refused to act when they reported the behavior and asked them to stop the harassment and stop it again.

The EEOC alleged that the restaurant group did not have any anti-discrimination policy or training that could prevent or correct these alleged illegal acts during this period.

The EEOC announced that the three and a half year consent decree issued in the case includes the creation of a damage fund of USD 125,000 for back payments and emotional burdens and other damage to the injured employees. It also includes significant non-monetary facilitations, including the creation of anti-discrimination guidelines, the agency said.

In addition to Liberty Warehouse, the Liberty Events group includes Manhattan restaurants and The Water Club, The River Café, and Pershing Square event spaces.

EEOC regional attorney Jeffrey Burstein said in a statement: "Restaurants and function rooms ignore inappropriate behavior in their kitchens at their own risk, as such misconduct often involves unlawful discrimination, including not only sexual harassment but degrading treatment based on the protected properties of an employee. "

The restaurant group's lawyers could not be reached for comment.

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