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NSW Flooding: three Steps to Declare Residence Insurance –

Find out how to make an insurance claim if your home has been damaged in wild weather.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) issued severe weather and flood warnings this week in the east of the country, including large parts of NSW. Here are the key points about home insurance claims if you are concerned.

Can I claim home contents insurance in the event of storm damage?

If a storm damaged your home, you can usually file a claim. Recently released statistics from AAMI show that storm damage was the most common type of home insurance claim for the insurer in 2020 – it accounted for almost a third (32.74%) of all claims. In second place is water leakage with 16.74% – both are insured as standard in household contents insurance.

"Storm surges", which often affect people in coastal areas, are a common exclusion from household insurance. Here, a rise in sea level caused by a weather event pushes water onto land. Unfortunately, this is usually not covered by insurance.

It can also get tricky during floods. Most insurers no longer offer flood insurance as standard for new policies. Most offer it as an optional extra, which means you'll have to pay an additional premium to be able to contain it.

The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of your policy specifies the events for which you are insured and how the terms are defined. If in doubt, call your insurer. All you need is your name and address as these are electronically recorded.

So make a claim

To take out your home insurance, proceed as follows:

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Secure your property

Start by checking your home to make sure it's safe – call 000 in an emergency.

According to its website, "when you've suffered damage from a storm, wind, hail, or a fallen tree, and when a branch is putting your property or someone's safety at risk" is the time to call SES.

If you have urgent matters dealt with, you can also call your insurer. It can dispatch an emergency handyman if necessary.

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Get photos and videos of the damage

Gather as much evidence of the harm as possible. Look for receipts and invoices for damaged white goods or other items that you would like to make a claim.

You could potentially expedite your claim if you can find copies of up-to-date appraisal reports and bank account records.

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Submit your claim

Now is the time to submit your home insurance application. You can usually do this online or through the mail. It usually takes up to 10 days for insurers to respond to your claim. Note that for events with multiple claims, it may take longer for an insurer to process yours.

Did you know already? If you experienced a power outage due to the wild weather, you may be able to file a food spoilage claim. Earlier this year, Finder reviewed 11 brands and found that home insurance could reimburse you for up to $ 2,000 if your groceries are wasted after a power outage.

There have been a number of difficult times lately with natural disasters. To protect yourself against loss or damage in the future, compare your home insurance options.

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