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If you are curious about how to get discounts on home insurance, you don't have to look far. Almost every insurer offers homeowners numerous opportunities to save and minimize the cost of annual premiums. Home insurance offers invaluable financial protection when the absolute worst happens to your home or costly damage occurs from an insured hazard. The average cost of home insurance is $ 1,312 per year for $ 250,000 home insurance, making discounts a useful tool for managing the cost of solid home insurance.

For homeowners wondering "how can I get discounts on home insurance," most insurance professionals recommend comparing discount offers from multiple vendors when seeking quotes. The discounts on home contents insurance are as different as the premiums themselves, so comparing the provider discounts is essential to save. Insurance providers typically offer a range of discounts, including discounts for bundles, new build, and safety gear, to name a few.

The best discounts for home insurance

The best home insurance discounts depend on your individual circumstances, but the good news is that if you are eligible, they are often relatively easy to obtain. Since discounts can make a big difference in the level of home insurance premiums, it can be worthwhile to inquire about eligibility. Bankrate has compiled a list of some of the most common and popular discounts available to homeowners.

No claims discounts

A no-claims rebate is earned when a homeowner fails to file a home ownership claim with an insurer, usually within a certain period of time, e.g. B. three or five years. Even if a homeowner changes their policy to another insurer, it is still possible to earn the discount. However, a first-time home buyer would not be eligible for this discount immediately.

Security discounts

Numerous possible discounts fall under the umbrella of the security discounts. A security discount could apply if a homeowner has installed an anti-theft or security alarm system, or is taking fire protection measures, such as fire protection. B. the installation of smoke alarms or fire extinguishers.

Multi-policy or bundle discounts

Buying homeowner insurance and a different type of insurance policy from the same insurance provider can mean significant savings in homeowner premiums. Typically, bundling your auto and home insurance together will provide you with the greatest savings, but the discount percentage available varies by provider.

Discounts for new home or new buyers

Several insurance carriers offer a discount when a homeowner buys a new home or is a homeowner for the first time. The number of years that a home can be considered a new home varies from provider to provider. Even if a home isn't brand new, it can still be an option. So be sure to ask your insurance agent. And if this is your first time buying a home, make sure to tell your insurance agent when you get quotes on your policy.

Employee or military discounts

For current or former military personnel, there are often special savings options in household insurance. Other professions can sometimes save too, for example with home insurance discounts for teachers. Each insurance provider that offers this type of discount has its own list of professions that qualify for additional savings.

Restoration discounts

Another home insurance discount that is often offered is one for those involved in the restoration of a home. Homeowners who buy an older home but then restore it to current on-site building standards can often benefit from this type of discount. Note, however, that a restoration discount is generally only available after almost all of the systems in a home have been replaced, such as B. Electrical and plumbing systems.

Discount for new roof

Replacing a roof can cost a lot of money, and a damaged or aging roof can pose a costly risk to home insurance. However, if you choose to replace your roof out of pocket, a new roof discount may apply. And if you recently bought a home that had the roof replaced before you moved in, be sure to inquire about the discount and see if the roof is eligible for that discount based on its age.

Automatic payment and paperless statement discounts

If you choose to have your home insurance premium automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you can often see additional savings. You can achieve even more savings if you also opt for paperless statements.

Discounts for retirees or seniors

One benefit for getting older is getting discounts on senior home insurance. Some insurance providers may refer to it as a discount due or retired. One reason older homeowners may be able to earn these types of savings could be because they tend to stay around their home or around the house regularly, which can help deter crime and spot other potential problems earlier.

Smart home discounts

Smart home insurance discounts reward you for installing the latest technology to protect your home from possible fire or theft. Smart home technology discounts can include savings on installing upgrades like a smart thermostat, gas and water shutoff sensors, or even the Amazon Echo Dot. Check with your preferred insurance provider to see what smart home discounts they offer homeowners. Some insurance companies even partner with smart home technology companies, and you might be able to get a free or discounted smart home device.

frequently asked Questions

How much does home insurance cost?

The average cost of home insurance in the United States is $ 1,312 per year for a policy with $ 250,000 in home coverage, according to Quadrant Information Services' 2021 tariff data. Home insurance costs depend on a variety of factors including the age and condition of the home, replacement cost, and your claim history, which means your exact rates can be more or less expensive than the national average.

Are there other ways to reduce home insurance costs?

In addition to home insurance discounts, there are other effective methods that can help you make further savings on your home insurance. One option recommended by most insurance professionals is to shop around and compare quotes for the same coverage from multiple home insurance providers who can help you find the best available rate for your situation.

Which company has the cheapest home contents insurance rates?

No home insurance will be the cheapest for everyone because there are too many unique factors that go into calculating a premium. However, as a starting point for your search, Bankrate reviewed Quadrant Information Services' 2021 data and found that Erie Insurance and USAA offer some of the cheapest average annual rates in the US for $ 250,000 in home coverage. Be aware, however, that these may not be the best or cheapest providers for you. Talk to your insurance agent and get quotes from multiple companies to see which insurance company can offer you the best rates based on your needs.

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