OSHA fined firm after apprentice's dying – business insurance

A manufacturer of dredging equipment was cited with more than $ 89,000 after the death of a 22-year-old apprentice, the labor protection agency said in a statement on Thursday.

Mobile, Alabama-based SPI / Mobile Pulley Works Inc. received 11 serious violations and two non-serious violations after investigating the death of a worker who worked on a crane bridge after being caught in a crane truck shaft and sustaining fatal injuries.

An OSHA investigator found the death could have been prevented and alleged the employer failed to ensure that workers were removed from the structure of the crane or from the way of moving parts while the crane was in operation. The agency accused SPI / Mobile Pully Works of allowing employees to work near unguarded equipment, failing to perform regular inspections of the crane, exposing workers to breathing hazards, failing to provide training on fall protection systems, exposing workers to fall hazards and not performing inspections Alloy steel chain slings for rigging.

SPI / Mobile Pulley Works has 15 days to appeal the results. The company did not respond to a call for comment.

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