Pay much less for car insurance – in case you are driver and / or don't drive rather a lot – 702

Arabile Gumede interviews Christiaan Steyn, head of MiWay Blink.

South Africa and the world are entering a new era in behavioral auto insurance.

The idea is to reduce reliance on generic information like age and gender and replace them with real data.

Arabile Gumede (in for Bruce Whitfield from the Money Show) interviewed Christiaan Steyn, the head of MiWay Blink (scroll up to listen).

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There are no phone calls or paperwork … you can get a quote on car insurance in less than a minute.

Christiaan Steyn, Head of MiWay Blink

Consumers expect their car insurance premium to be linked to their mileage, and rightly so … We track your journeys and at the end of the month you get cash back based on mileage …

Christiaan Steyn, Head of MiWay Blink

It's a fairer way to bill everyone … behavioral insurance is the trend in the industry … it helps us create incentives for good driving behavior … and reduce the number of road deaths on South Africa's roads .

Christiaan Steyn, Head of MiWay Blink

This article first appeared on CapeTalk: Pay Less for Car Insurance – If You're a Good Driver and / or Don't Drive a Lot

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