Previous Violation Contractors Fined $ 1.3M in Dying – Company Insurance

The labor protection agency on Wednesday fined $ 1.3 million for the "serial infringement" Atlantic Coast Utilities LLC / Advanced Utilities Inc.

On February 24, at a sewer repair site in downtown Boston, two workers died after a dump truck struck and pushed them into a two-meter trench.

For their employer, Atlantic Coast Utilities LLC / Advanced Utilities Inc., its predecessor and owner, the incident is "the latest in a long history of ignoring the safety and health of its employees," according to OSHA alleged violations.

OSHA proposes fines totaling $ 1.3 million and says it is using its egregious citation policy, which allows the agency to propose a separate penalty for each violation.

Key violations included the company's refusal to train its employees to identify and avoid work-related hazards and the failure to conduct site inspections to identify and remediate hazards, including the risk of being crushed by construction vehicles and other traffic or getting trapped in an unguarded trench and overcoming it through low-oxygen or toxic atmospheres in the trench and an adjacent manhole.

Prior to the February incident, OSHA inspected Atlantic Coast Utilities LLC / Advanced Utilities Inc. and its predecessor six times and cited a total of 14 violations, including deliberate, repeated and serious violations, with fines of $ 81,242, including 73,542 US dollars unpaid and referred for collection.

The company could not be reached for a comment at first.

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