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“Car insurance discounts are not that difficult to come by and can help motorists save money on car insurance. Insurance companies offer many types of discounts, but few can cut insurance costs significantly, ”said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director IMC

Auto insurances are known to reward their customers with generous discounts that are offered for various reasons. These discounts can help motorists keep their insurance costs under control and can encourage policyholders to become better drivers.

The main discounts on car insurance are:

  • Discount for defensive driving. Drivers who manage to complete an approved defensive driving course benefit from several advantages. The most important benefit is the 10% to 15% insurance discount. In addition, the drivers summarize their theoretical knowledge about driving and learn more about the traffic obstacles, how to recognize them and how to avoid them. Drivers with traffic violations can remove points or delete a ticket from the driving report. This will help drivers avoid paying traffic fines and prevent the premiums from increasing on the next renewal.

  • Discount for low mileage. Spending less time behind the wheel can save motorists money on car insurance. Drivers who drive fewer kilometers are less likely to get into car accidents, their cars are less damaged and their cars are less likely to be stolen. For these reasons, insurers grant drivers who drive fewer kilometers than a certain limit a year a discount for short kilometers.
  • Good driver discount. One of the best ways to lower car insurance rates is to drive safely. Usually this discount is earned after 5 years of safe driving without accidents or other traffic violations.
  • Good student discount. It is well known that students pay a higher price for car insurance due to their young age. Students who get good grades in school can get a good student discount. To qualify for this discount, students must demonstrate to their insurers that they have at least a GPA of 3.0.

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