Rollin Automobile Insurance Larry the Ball is a hero of "flexibility" –

Insurance Australia Group, the largest general insurance company in Australia and New Zealand, turned to a cuddle ball to introduce Rollin, their new auto insurance brand aimed at younger consumers.

The company hired Bear Meets Eagle on Fire agency for the launch campaign starring a happy, giant fuzzball named Larry who rolls around the world with no worries singing the 90s digital underground classic "The Humpty Dance". ”

The point is to highlight the flexibility of Rollin ‘Insurance, a month-to-month product offering. The spots that comedy pro Andreas Nilsson directed through Revolver proclaim: "It's good not to feel bound."

Bear Meets Eagle on Fire has also teamed up with the typography designers from the Rotterdam studio Dumbar on the brand's identity design, which should also reflect the flexibility of the Rollin’ product.

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