SAIA: Legitimate auto insurance claims received't be rejected attributable to expired licenses – eyewitness information

Motorists across the country rushed to beat the first deadline for renewal, which was set for the end of this month. However, the rush to renew the licenses in recent weeks has resulted in panic, delays and a large backlog.

FILE: The government has now extended the extension period to March 31 of next year. Image: Delivered.

JOHANNSBURG – With the announcement by Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula to extend the deadline for the renewal of the driving license, the motor insurance companies have reassured concerned motorists and stated that they would still be insured.

The government has now extended the deadline to March 31 of next year.

Motorists across the country were desperate to exceed the original renewal deadline, set for late August. However, the rush to renew the licenses in recent weeks has resulted in panic, delays and a large backlog.

The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) said it had been inundated with inquiries from concerned motorists about how insurers would treat vehicle damage if the insured person's driver's license expired.


Motorists were again given a lifeline for renovations. But there were questions about insurance companies that pay out in the event of an accident driving around with expired documents.

The SAV has made it clear that a claim due to an expired driver's license is not automatically rejected, as the insurance risk manager of the association Zakes Sondiyazi explained: “If necessary, you can provide evidence that an application for an extension has been made. The insurance companies will make the necessary concessions to meet legitimate claims and to take this into account. "

Discovery Insure's Anton Ossip said part of the reason was the backlog and delays in getting an appointment at testing centers.

"If a claim is made during this period, drivers will be recognized as legally licensed if they wish to make a claim, provided they have a valid license."

However, the association has warned motorists to use the extended grace period as soon as possible.

WATCH: 1.2 million national driving licenses have expired

The Automobile Association (AA), meanwhile, said extending the validity of all licenses to the end of March next year was a welcome move, but remained concerned about the immediate measures that had to be taken to fix the current renewal processes.

AA's Layton Beard said while an extension was granted they would continue to put pressure on the government to correct the clumsy renewal process.

“We are of course pleased that many of the solutions that we have been proposing for some time have been taken into account. These include setting up more DLTC, allowing DLTCs to accept online payments, and sending optometrists straight to Natis. Hopefully this will ease the pressure on the system. But now everything is a question of implementation. "

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