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The stereotypes about soccer players are true because research shows they pay the most for car coverage, but how much it costs depends in part on their job

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Footballers have the most expensive job when it comes to paying for car insurance, research has found – civil engineers pay the least.

Insurance comparison website MoneySuperMarket looked at how much each trade pays on average in car insurance costs.

It found footballers paid the most for fully comprehensive insurance at £ 1,897 a year – almost five times the average car insurance premium of £ 412 in the third quarter of this year.

The second most expensive car insurance came to those who listed their occupation as "athletes or women" – at £ 1,721.

Meanwhile, civil engineers pay the least at just £ 226 – almost half the average.

People who work in archives also save big on their car premiums, paying £ 232.

But clerks, a job very similar to archivists, paid a lot for car coverage – £ 961.

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What you list your job as what you list can have a serious impact on how much you pay for insurance


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The top ten most expensive auto insurance jobs

1) Professional footballer (£ 1,897)

2) Athlete or Woman (£ 1,721)

3) Driver for the fast food delivery (£ 1,425)

4) car wash (£ 1,320)

5) Slaughterhouse Worker (£ 1,238)

6) Student – living away from home (£ 1,071)

7) Carpentry Assistant (£ 1,025)

8) Post Graduate Student – Living Away From Home (£ 976)

9) Employee (£ 961)

10) Car Dealer (£ 957)

Sara Newell, auto insurance spokeswoman for MoneySuperMarket, said: "For the third year in a row, footballers have the highest auto insurance premiums – a fact most likely due to their known predilection for expensive cars."

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Insurers base premiums on a wide list of factors including how expensive your car is, how many thefts have occurred near you, your age, how many miles you have traveled, and how many accidents other people have at your job.

Newell added, “A number of 'everyday' jobs like delivery drivers are popular even with expensive rewards.

“This is often due to the fact that the driver is on the road more often in these jobs than in other jobs.

"It's also important to note that insurers take into account other considerations such as the driver's age, location and previous claims history."

"A car insurance breakdown told me I had an accident – in the ocean 30 years before I was born"

The top ten cheapest auto insurance jobs

1) Civil Engineer (£ 226)

2) Archivist (£ 232)

3) Inn Owners (£ 241)

4) retired (£ 247)

5) Registrar (£ 249)

6) Complementary Therapist (£ 263)

7) Medical Secretary (£ 274)

8) Local Government Official (£ 275)

9) Acupuncturist (£ 275)

10) Library Manager (£ 281)

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People looking to cut their auto insurance bills should look to the renewal – especially as new regulations for insurers will increase all premiums in the new year.

“If you're in one of these jobs and looking to cut your insurance expenses, you can make significant savings on shopping at the time of renewal. This can save you up to £ 264. "

If you park your car off a street, your coverage will also decrease as people who park in driveways will pay less – and those with garages even less.

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