South Carolina Flood Insurance: Full Information for Householders in 2021

Should I Get Flood Insurance in South Carolina?

Getting flood insurance in South Carolina could save you from a devastating loss, and South Carolina flood insurance policies are among the most affordable in the country.

Whether on the coast or inland, if you are in South carolina, They have reason to worry about a flood. And thanks to the warming climate, these risks are only increasing.

Tropical storms and hurricanes cause floods, but also rains, which overwhelm the storm drainage, as well as overflowing rivers. And although you may be in a deepRisk area, there is no zeroRisk area.

Your Homeowner insurance most likely Not Cover flooding so if you don't have one of your own Flood insurance, you pay for everything Flood damage straight out of your pocket. That could be devastating.

But luckily, South Carolina Flood Insurance Tariffs are lower than in most federal states. Read on for everything you need to know about getting flood insurance South carolina.

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Do I need flood insurance in South carolina?

In such a flood-prone state as South carolina, everyone should have Flood insurance coverage. But if you own a home, your mortgage may ask for it Lender anyway.

That United States National Coordination Unit for Disaster Relief (FEMA) designated High risk areas with Flood maps. If you live in one of these areas you can check with FEMA& # 39; S Flood map Service center-and to have a federal mortgage on your home, you must have one Flood insurance.

But even if you live outside Flood zone, you should still think seriously about buying it Flood Insurance in South Carolina. About 20 percent of the Claims from flood insurance submitted by the NFIP came from low-risk areas, and 30 percent of flood damage occurs outside of high-risk areas Floodplains.

Sure, places like Charleston and Mount Pleasant to have Storm surge to be feared, but also residents who live nearby North Carolina or in the city Columbia wear significantly Flood risk.

FEMA offers flood insurance over the National flood insurance program (NFIP), which means that flood insurance remains affordable. Increasingly private insurers Selling Flood insurance also, but while these guidelines are yours Insurance costs, private flood insurance bear some risk.

renter also qualify for NFIP Flood insurance; You don't have to own property to protect your property from a flood, and renter Insurance policies almost never cover Flood damage.

South carolina Flood zones

FEMA cards Floodplains to determine that Flood risk for every home and NFIP guidelines are based on these ratings. Go to FEMA.govern& # 39; S Flood map Service center to search your home or property and see if you live in a high risk area Flood zone.

What is covered with Flood Insurance in South Carolina?

Make sure you have an in-depth conversation with your company Insurance agent about what you Flood insurance covers if you Take out flood insurance. All policies cover damage to your property and the systems such as electricity and plumbing that keep it running; this is called Building coverage.

It could increase yours Flood insurance offer, but when shopping, think about whether you want to Content coveragethat would help cover the cost of valuables and other possessions that are in your home that could be damaged by a flood. Remember that even if you have Homeowner insurance, Damage to your belongings is not covered in the event of flooding.

The NFIP offers Building coverage and Content coverage as separate Coverage options, why renter should consider buying Content coverage to protect yours personal property even if they are not responsible for any damage to the building in which they live.

What is not covered with Flood Insurance in South Carolina?

NFIP guidelines have strict limits on the amount that Property owner can claim: usually $ 250,000 for the building and $ 100,000 for Content coverage. If you have an expensive home, you may want to solicit offers from other private individuals Insurance companies.

Also, you often have to wait 30 days after purchasing Flood insurance coverage for the policy to take effect. So don't wait until the week before a storm to see one Flood insurance.

What are the costs for flood insurance? South carolina?

Happily, Flood Insurance in South Carolina is very cheap compared to Flood insurance throughout the country. According to ValuePenguin, Cost of flood insurance in South Carolina an average of about $ 700 per year, which is slightly below the national average.

Beware: Flood insurance tariffs varies depending on Floodplain You live in. If you don't already have one Altitude certificate the end FEMAgetting one will help lower yours Flood insurance tariffs.

How to get one Flood Insurance Policy In South carolina

To get Flood Insurance in South Carolina is a simple process as most of it is offered through FEMA& # 39; S NFIP. Read on for a guide on how to get started.

National flood insurance program (NFIP)

That NFIP offers Flood insurance coverage to the public at subsidized prices. The vast majority of Flood insurance heard Homeowner are through the NFIP. Insurance companies Selling NFIP Cover, Not the federal government. So you buy yours Flood insurance from a company.

As your price depends on where you live, the age of your building and yours Altitude certificate, all the prizes you get NFIP guidelines will be the same. So choose a company that will buy your policy from and that has a good experience in handling claims and customer satisfaction.

Call 1 (888) 379-9531 to find one Insurance agent that offers NFIP guidelines, or ask your own insurance provider.

Private flood insurance

If you need higher limits, look for a cheaper flood insurance premium or look for other specific ones Coverage options, you may want to explore private insurance. If you live in an area with low Flood risk, some policies are cheaper because of private ones Insurance companies.

you find Flood insurance in your area by searching online. You may find a policy that suits your specific needs better than that NFIP. However, make sure you work with a company that can pay off your claim in case you need to file one. And in contrast to the NFIP, Insurance companies can drop you from a private flood insurance at any time.

frequently asked Questions

Should I Get South Carolina Flood Insurance?

About 15 percent of homes in South Carolina have flood insurance; it is one of the most heavily insured against floods. Even if you don't live in a high risk area, this is a very good thing. Emergencies can happen anywhere, and the state's humid, subtropical climate means nowhere is truly safe.

How do I know if I live in a risk area?

Enter your address at FEMA's Flood Map Service Center to view flood maps and determine your risk. But keep in mind that a fifth of flood insurance claims come from homes that are rated as low risk.

What is the NFIP?

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a FEMA administered program that provides standard flood insurance coverage to anyone who so wishes. The federal government does not sell NFIP insurance or handle claims, private companies do. But FEMA sets prices and assesses risks using flood maps.

What is the cost of flood insurance in South Carolina?

South Carolina flood insurance rates vary from Columbia to Myrtle Beach, but averages close to $ 700 a year. That's not bad when you consider that claims are typically tens of thousands of dollars. And in a state declared emergency, the best thing you can get is a $ 5,000 loan.

Should I get NFIP or private flood insurance?

Be careful with private flood insurance. The NFIP is federally supported, and if your mortgage lender requires you to have flood insurance, you will likely need an NFIP policy. But if you have valuables or a very expensive home and want to get higher limits than the federal government offers, explore some other guidelines.


An average of $ 700 can feel like a lot of money to pay for flood insurance. But it certainly doesn't compare to the cost of damage caused by a terrible one Storm surge. If you live in South carolina, you are at risk in one way or another Flood damage, so be sure to think about it or catch up Flood insurance offer.

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Updated August 10, 2021

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