That is the very best place to park your car for cheaper car insurance – Braintree and Witham Occasions

Everything from our work to where we live affects how much we pay for our auto insurance. New data suggests that where we leave our car overnight is crucial.

According to an analysis of insurance data by the odds zone comparison site, a locked garage seems like the obvious answer, but it's not even in the top three.

Carports turned out to be the cheapest location, with average premiums for cars stored under the shelters averaging £ 561. However, with only 0.5 percent of policyholders using them, they are a rare choice for overnight parking.

The most common is a private driveway. According to the figures, 56 percent of drivers keep their car in their driveway overnight, with average premiums of £ 653 per year – more than £ 140 cheaper than street parking in front of their house, the second most common location.

A locked garage is the third most popular parking space, but fourth in terms of affordability with average rewards of £ 772.

Parking on a street outside the home turned out to be the most expensive place to park at night, averaging £ 1,063

Greg Wilson, Founder of, commented, "It should come as no surprise to learn that parking your car off-street is likely to result in cheaper insurance rates than parking on the curb. Cars parked on the street eventually have one higher risk of being wiped off by a passing vehicle or being left behind by another motorist trying to park. Cars parked on the street are also more attractive to potential thieves as they don't have to come into your property to gain access to the vehicle to obtain.

“However, many drivers may be surprised at how much they can save by off-street parking. Only 13 percent of people use their garage to store their car. If you are currently using your garage for additional storage or a home office, now may be the time to do a clearance to see if you can make any savings.

“Most cars are now equipped with alarms, immobilizers and trackers. However, you can take extra precautions by keeping valuables out of sight for opportunistic thieves, choosing well-lit areas, or adding outdoor lighting. Dash cams are great for those who need to park their cars on the street, and CCTV cameras can be helpful for safe or unsafe garages and driveways. "

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