The auto insurance start-up Marshmallow of similar twins is estimated to be price $ 1 billion – archyde

Two identical twins from south London, still in their twenties, will join the ranks of the capital's richest tech entrepreneurs when a new round of funding estimates their start-up at nearly $ 1.2 billion (£ 869 million).

Oliver and Alexander Kent-Braham, both 29, are likely to see their stake in Marshmallow, an auto insurance company, grow to hundreds of millions of pounds.

The company that the twins co-founded in 2015 is reportedly on the verge of unveiling a new fundraiser that will lead it to join the UK's unicorns, the term for private tech companies valued at at least US $ 1 billion. Dollar.

The Kent-Brahams founded the company to provide insurance to foreign-born drivers. It now specializes in covering those who have been turned away from

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