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A new Australian dare The insurance company moderates drivers' insurance fees based on how much they actually drive their car.

KOBA Insurance has just started this week, with founder Andrew Wong promising drivers: "The less you drive, the less you pay".

“We wanted customers to pay per kilometer for what they use,” he said.

“Instead of just a round number for the whole year.

If you work from home and drive less, you can save on your car insurance premium. (Getty)

"We hope to take a nice big step that really helps consumers take control of their own premium."

The company aims to serve people who drive less than 8000 km / year.

The route taken by the customer's vehicle is recorded via a small black monitor that is plugged under the steering wheel, so that no logbooks are required.

The insurer charges a flat fee of $ 360 per year to cover things that can happen to the car while parking.

The KOBA device is plugged in under the steering wheel. (Nine)

The remainder of the fee is calculated according to the distance traveled and averages around five cents per kilometer.

Hawthorn's Pip Davis, who barely drives her Jeep Wrangler, has chosen KOBA and is expecting to pay half the insurance bill she paid before.

"I basically just use the car to take the dog to the river with a friend," she said.

Financial advisors advise people to compare insurance policies while looking at factors beyond price.

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Canstar's Steven Mickenbecker said drivers could consider things like including windows, rental cars and key placements.

"People have to consider more than just the price," he said. "You have to make sure you are getting the coverage you expect and want."

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