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California, home of Hollywood and fantastic dreamers, shares its excellent reputation with its vast landscape and abundance of people. Behind Alaska and Texas in size California is the most populous state in the USA with almost 40 million inhabitants. It also ranks second in life expectancy with an average of 81 years.

A unique state with one of the best public health systems in the country, the land of sun and professional shine is as diverse as it is great. However, many local residents wonder about their chances of getting affordable Life insurance by doing State of California.

Use Insurify to find the right one Life insurance company to meet your insurance needs at the price you can afford. It's easy; Just provide some basic information like your state of residence and age and Insurify will list offers from top reviews Insurance companies for you to choose from.

How much does it cost Life insurance Costs in California?

Not everyone in the State of California can be an A-Lister. To the California residents that give diversity and culture to the Golden State, Life insurance is a great option to secure a legacy for yours Lover or to achieve financial goals. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) regulates Life insurance by doing State of California. It approves Life insurance Awards, among many other tasks.

Life insurance is a product of risk management. Policyholder Pay premiums to insure themselves against the financial risk that their important debts will remain unpaid and that their families will be financially burdened by a loss of income should they die. insurer Manage risk by dividing applicants into risks and approving or rejecting applications.

Underwriting is the process, though insurer determine an applicant's risk. Once the risk is identified, a premium is assigned or the applicant is rejected. A person in excellent health who does not have risky habits is a preferred risk and pays lower premiums. A standard risk is an acceptable risk and standard premiums are assigned. An inferior risk is a high risk to the company, and Policyholder pay higher premiums.

Life insurance is regulated at the state level. The CDI regulates life, car, home and, Health insurance as well as Pensions in the California, make sure insurer remain solvent with their premiums and ensure Policyholder pay reasonable premiums. If insurer If you want to increase tariffs, you must first obtain approval from the CDI. The CDI processes over 8,000 tariff applications from insurer per year.

Should I buy online or meet with a licensed one? California Agent?

Traditional, insurer have used Life insurance broker as a contact for marketing and sales. But now you can buy Life insurance comfortably and safely (especially during the pandemic) from home, with or without a conversation with a licensed one Insurance agent. The choice is yours: you may not want to disclose any personal data online or you need a policy quickly. Online is a quick way to get insurance coverage.

The job of a life insurance broker

Life insurance brokerwhether employed or as a self-employed contractor for independent Insurance companies, are expressly used by the insurer to promote and sell theirs Insurance products. You are required to follow company policies and have fiduciary responsibility to them insurance company. You also have a responsibility to the applicant, which includes the transparency of the remuneration.

The Life insurance industry is an industry and participants need to be compensated. Residential liability insurance License application in the California can be as little as $ 0 or more than $ 1,000. That doesn't include the cost of Insurance pre-license or the state entrance examination. The CDI licenses agents, brokers, Adjusterand corporations and regulates over 14,000 insurer.

The CDI is the largest insurance market in the United States, with $ 340 billion in direct premiums Life insurance in the California is big business! The CDI issues around 215,000 licenses, including for Health insuranceand receives $ 84 million annually for Policyholder by investigating consumer complaints. The CDI enforces the insurance laws according to the California Insurance Codewhich includes the disclosure of the producer compensation.

To a. to obtain California Insurance License, Agents must first a. to complete California Pre-license course, as . can be understood Online course, and pass the pre-license exam. As soon as they a. receive Certificate of completion, they have to take the state take PSI Examination before applying for a driver's license. Agents can be licensed in Life and Health Insurance in California And sell Health plans, also.

The average annual salary of a Life Insurance Broker in California is over $ 60,000. This can have an impact on your purchase decision Life insurance policy of one Insurance agent because selling will be selling. If you decide to apply for insurance online, you may still need to speak to a representative before the application can be completed, or you can speak to a representative from the insurance provider.

Apply for online insurance

If you choose to take out insurance online, lots of quality insurer have made theirs Life insurance plans available on the internet. Something insurer do not offer a medical examination Term life insurancewhich speeds the underwriting process and you could be covered almost immediately. As a rule, the premiums are higher for an examination-free contract period than for a fully signed contract period.

When applying Life insurance coverage online you are responsible for your own further education Insurance products, not an agent. Once you know the type of policy that best suits your needs and the Life insurance benefit Second, it's time to buy policies. The first step is to register online Life insurance offer. Now that you've selected the best offer from the right company, it's time to complete the company's online application.

If your policy requires a medical examination, insurer will send a representative to your home or office for a physical exam and possibly blood and urine samples. Once the policy has been signed and approved, you can sign the contract electronically or sign it after delivery. If you choose a non-examination policy, your insurance coverage begins with the payment of the first premium after approval.

Who has the cheapest Life insurance in the California?

The cost of Life insurance Rewards mainly focus on risk and whether you are a preferred, standard, or sub-standard risk. Because of this, your state's reported death rate as reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) can play a role in premiums. The job of each state's regulators is to ensure that the premiums are non-discriminatory and price-conscious.

Other influencing factors on the premiums are interest and expenses. The more profit the insurer earn on the interest on your premium, the less you have to bill. Your expenses are also included in the premium, such as rent and commissions. The other determining factor in your insurance premiums depends on the type of policy you take out and the amount of yours Death benefit.

types of Life insurance

Life insurance is divided into two main types: Term life insurance and Life insurance. Term life insurance lasts a certain time or until the insured reaches a certain age. It is usually cheaper than the whole life and can be offered in the form of riders that can be hooked up to life insurance to provide additional insurance, such as: Long term care.

Life insurance is any kind of duration Life insurance. It takes the PolicyholderLifetime and develops the present value. Life insurance are classified according to their present value growth. For example a traditional one Life insurance policy increases the cash value in a savings and investment account, while a universal life insurance policy increases the cash value in an investment account, which is dependent on market performance.

Life insurance are usually more expensive than life insurance. A 10 year Term life insurance is one of the cheapest Life insurance products on the market. The following table shows the average premiums for a 10 year life insurance policy in California per age group.

Age group Average cost
teenager $ 14.59
20-29 $ 21.78
30-39 $ 41.14
40-49 $ 120.60
50-59 $ 163.80
60-69 $ 278.20
70-79 $ 90.80

What are the best and cheapest Life insurance company in the California?

The best Life insurance policy for you depends on your circumstances. Our needs change over the course of our lives. Application for a Life insurance policy In our 20s is not the same as applying for a policy in our 50s. We dealt with more circumstances in our 50s than we did in our 20s and typically more debt.

Independent rating services such as A.M. Best and S&P, measure the ability of insurers to pay out insurance claims using factors such as the company's strategic planning and claims payment history. These rating services can help you determine which insurer can be the best. Rating services typically use grades from A to D, with A indicating a strong claims handling ability and D indicating a company insolvent.

A 10 year Term life insurance Politics is one of the cheapest ife insurance products available. When the term expires, most Life insurance companies enable Policyholder renew their contracts. You usually also have the option of converting cover into permanent cover up to a certain age. Although affordable, the premiums for the 10-year policy increase with age.

Best and cheapest Life insurance for teenagers

A teenager Life insurance policy gives up a leg up to young adults Life insurance later in life. Insured young people can benefit (depending on insurer) from fixed tariffs, guaranteed insurability and funds for funeral expenses should the unimaginable occur. Protective Life and Pacific Life are two Life insurance companies who offer youth insurance California.

Protective life

ProLctive Life advertises that its products are "solutions for protection and life planning from birth to retirement". Its features include terms between 10 and 40 years, no medical examination to convert insurance coverage, guaranteed low premiums and more.

Life in the Pacific

Pacific Life offers two types of term contracts, PL Promise Term and Pacific Elite Term. PL Promise has terms of 10 to 30 years at affordable prices. Pacific Elite Term policies provide persistent cash value for seamless conversion.

The table below shows the average premiums for a 10 year life insurance policy of $ 100,000 for teenagers in teen California.

Company Name Average cost
Protective life $ 12.68
Life in the Pacific $ 13.36
security $ 15.08
Transamerica $ 15.22
Lincoln National $ 15.56
Harbor life $ 16.11
American general $ 16.31
Law & General America $ 16.31
Omaha reciprocity $ 17.39
Sagicor life $ 17.57

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people from 20 to 29 years

Purchasing Life insurance policy Being in your 20s is a great way to protect yourself today while preparing for your future at the same time. The Lover Your life will be financially secure, and with the option of converting to a permanent policy, you can set affordable rates.

American family

American Family's DreamSecure Term Life Policy offers 10 to 30 year term protection. The premiums are the same for the duration of the term and your policy can be extended at the end of the term. American Family is net worth over $ 33 million and over $ 100 million Life insurance in force from the 2020 annual report.

To lend

Bestow offers 10 years only online 10- Life insurance Experience. It offers applicants between the ages of 18 and 60 years without a medical examination a term of 10 to 30 years. The application process is quick and benefit levels range from $ 50,000 to $ 1.5 million.

The table below shows the average cost of a 10 year policy for people aged 20 to 29 in California with $ 100,000 coverage.

Company Name Average cost
American family $ 9.88
To lend $ 15.11
Protective life $ 15.44
security $ 16.57
Sagicor life $ 17.12
Harbor life $ 17.20
Vanti's life $ 17.40
Life in the Pacific $ 17.47
Law & General America $ 17.58
Lincoln National $ 18.19

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people from 30 to 39 years

Between the ages of 30 and 39, the majority of people choose to buy one Life insurance policy. This may be because our parents wanted to ensure our own financial security and we recognize the importance of it or because of growing responsibilities. Anyway, there are still plenty of affordable policies out there for people in their thirties.


SBLI was founded in 1907 and offers affordable Term life insurance products. Policies of $ 750,000 and less are offered to applicants between the ages of 18 and 60 without a medical exam. You can extend the policy up to the age of 85 or convert it to an open-ended life insurance policy before the date specified in the contract.

Law & General America

Law & general has Term life insurance to meet a wide variety of needs. With $ 6.8 billion in assets and $ 782 billion in policies in place, Legal & General becomes A + with A.M. Best and AA- with Fitch and S&P.

The following table shows the average premiums in California for a 10-year contract period of $ 100,000 for people aged 30 to 39 years.

Company Name Average cost
American family $ 18.51
To lend $ 28.52
SBLI $ 29.46
Law & General America $ 30.66
Harbor life $ 34.42
Vanti's life $ 35.69
American citizens $ 35.70
security $ 36.57
American general $ 36.80
Protective life $ 37.17

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people between 40 and 49 years of age

If you haven't bought Life insurance if you are 40-49, Life insurance The premiums are still affordable and cover the important expenses you've earned in your life, such as your mortgage and your child's college education. Life should be safer at 40 and a Life insurance policy helps.

Sagicor life

Sagicor enables consumers to purchase in full Life insurance on-line. The accelewriting process takes minutes for approval without a medical exam. You can also have your policy signed electronically and sent electronically. The policy functions include a level Death benefit to 95, terms of 10 to 20 years and an accelerated one Death benefit should you become terminally ill.

Vanti's life

Vantis Life has Term life insurance products they offer a Death benefit from $ 50,000 to $ 2 million in coverage. Depending on the policy you choose, you may have Long term care Benefits and monetary value. Vantis Life is a Penn Mutual company and is A + with A.M. Best.

The table shows the average Life insurance 10-year life insurance premiums of $ 100,000 for those ages 40 to 49.

Company Name Average cost
To lend $ 50.24
Sagicor life $ 53.14
Vanti's life $ 60.51
Harbor life $ 71.28
Forester life $ 76.92
SBLI $ 94.20
Penn Mutual $ 98.37
Omaha reciprocity $ 105.41
Law & General America $ 111.48
security $ 111.48

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people between 50 and 59 years

When we are 50, we may have grown children who have a life of their own. If we haven't bought any Life insurance policy At this point, the thought of disrupting their lives to financially plan our funeral and manage our estate could lead us to buy a policy. There are still affordable policies with 50 that ensure our Lover can concentrate on the essentials.

Harbor life

Haven Life is a division of MassMutual that enables quick and easy medical examinations Term life insurance on-line. Coverage ranges from $ 50,000 to $ 3 million for people ages 18 to 65. It also offers disability insurance and Pensions. Its features include level rewards and an accelerated Death benefit.

American General (AIG)

American General offers renewable and convertible terms with terms ranging from 10 to 30 years. His financial strength is rated A + by S&P and Fitch and A.M. rated with A. Best. It also offers accident and accident prevention Health insurance.

The following table shows the average premiums for a 10-year term, a policy of USD 100,000 im State of California for people between 50 and 59 years.

Company Name Average cost
To lend $ 28.10
Vanti's life $ 88.71
Sagicor life $ 98.78
Harbor life $ 108.93
Law & General America $ 131.23
American general $ 134.44
Transamerica $ 140.36
Life in the Pacific $ 143.15
Banner life $ 145.01
SBLI $ 147.87

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people between 60 and 69 years of age

Most people retire at 60, and if they're lucky, life is sweet. With the extra time, retirees can travel, move to their dream location, or even start a new business. With a new decade come new perspectives. A Life insurance policy will make sure your Lover and assets are protected as you begin this new chapter in life.

Obligation to supervise

Prudential offers Term life insurance for your insurance, retirement and financial needs. Instead of Life insurance broker, Prudential's financial advisors can help you find the right policy for you. Prudential was founded in 1875 and has strong financial metrics with A ratings from A.M. Best of all, Moody's and Fitch.

Main financial

Principal's Term Life products are affordable, renewable and convertible. With 130 years of experience in the insurance market, Principal Financial has excellent ratings from S&P, Fitch, Moody’s and A.M. Best.

The table below shows the average premium for people aged 60 to 69 for a 10-year term, a policy of USD 100,000 in the in State of California.

Company Name Average cost
To lend $ 18.88
SBLI $ 58.40
Penn Mutual $ 67.72
American citizens $ 97.72
Obligation to supervise $ 141.12
Sagicor life $ 143.22
Harbor life $ 175.91
Forester life $ 177.46
Main life $ 201.17
Banner life $ 249.67

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people from 70 to 79 years

If you've ever thought of one Life insurance policy was a good idea, even at 70 it's not too late. Policies in your 70s cost more than if you got a policy at a younger age, but coverage ensures that you can Lover can fulfill any last wish and will leave you a legacy.


Assurity term life insurance offers constant premiums for the entire contract period and a guaranteed one Death benefit. It's been in business for 129 years and is worth $ 23 billion in sales Life insurance in force and has a total of over $ 136 million in claims on its. paid off Policyholder.

Omaha reciprocity

Mutual Omaha offers Term life insurance for a term of 10 to 30 years. Applicants must be between 18 and 80 years of age to apply and the awards are the same. Mutual of Omaha was founded in 1909 and offers a wide variety of Insurance products, including Long term care and critical health insurance.

The following table shows the average Life insurance Premiums for a period of 10 years, policy of USD 100,000 for people aged 70 to 79 in California.

Company Name Average cost
SBLI $ 27.73
Sagicor life $ 27.87
Protective life $ 29.53
Main life $ 30.26
Harbor life $ 30.89
Penn Mutual $ 32.67
Life in the Pacific $ 33.06
security $ 33.66
American general $ 36.66
Omaha reciprocity $ 38.02

FAQ: Life Insurance in California

What Are The Best Life Insurance Companies In California?

Which life insurance is best for you depends on your needs and the type of policy that covers your needs. Different life insurance companies sell different life insurance products. Check with valuation services such as A.M. Best and S&P to learn more about a company's financial strength.

How long do California life insurance companies keep records?

The state of California requires records to be kept for five years, primarily to ensure that money is properly managed and contracts are signed.

Who Governs the Life Insurance Companies in California?

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) regulates insurance in the state of California.


California, with all its generosity, has a lot to offer its residents. While the residents enjoy soaking up the sun's rays, pausing los Angeles, or play in the sand on your favorite beaches, you can be sure that your Life insurance in California Financially secure the most important things in life when they are no longer there to give their support.

Insurify helps you find the right one Life insurance company with a policy and premium that suits your needs. It's simple, just fill in some basic information like your age and smoking status and Insurify will provide you with a list of offers to review and choose from.

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