The Greatest, Least expensive Life Insurance In Pennsylvania: Quotes And Corporations (2021)

Pennsylvania is rich in American history. The second state to join the Union is the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Liberty Bell. inhabitant of Pennsylvania exercise their rights to “life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness” and with a Life insurance policy, these endeavors, especially for future generations, are not in vain.

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How much does it cost Life insurance Costs in Pennsylvania?

There are other rules for Life insurance in every state because Life insurance is administered by the state, not the federal government. Although the criteria for evaluating premiums may differ slightly between states, the basic principles are the Life insurance are the decisive factors in determining the premium.

Life insurance protects families from financial loss due to the death of a breadwinner. Therefore, the premiums are primarily determined by assessing the likelihood of damage occurring. The Insurance industry uses exposure units to assess risks. A risk is the likelihood of loss. The larger the exposure unit, the higher your premiums.

Factors that increase risk include age, gender, dangerous jobs or hobbies, tobacco use, and medical history. If you are a steel worker living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Your job duties are probably more dangerous than being an ice cream seller in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. The risk to a steel worker is higher and Premium payments should be more.

The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance regulated Insurance policies in the state of Pennsylvania. Located in the city Harrisburg, they support a competitive insurance market and reasonable premiums. They approve insurance tariffs and license insurer and Life insurance broker. Life Insurance in Pennsylvania obey model laws established by the National Association of Insurance officer (NAIK).

Who has the cheapest Life insurance in the Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department (, led by the Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman is responsible for leading the insurance business in Pennsylvania. Including, Health insurance, Long term care, Pensions, and Homeowner Insurance among other things. Although the division follows NAIC models, states determine what is best for their consumers, and each has its own set of rules.

The largest and most diverse factor in determining individual premiums is risk. The higher the likelihood that you will pay premiums over a longer period of time, the lower your premiums will be. Other factors that will add to your premiums are how much Life insurance coverage, and the type of Life insurance policy you buy. Life insurance is divided into two types of guidelines, whole and Term life insurance.

Life insurance

Life insurance is an insurance that will last a lifetime. Also called permanent Life insurance, all of life occurs in different forms, which, by the way, stand out Monetary value has grown. Traditional Life insurance has a Death benefit, and guaranteed Monetary value. Other types of Life insurance include universal life and variable life where Monetary value is not guaranteed and is dependent on market performance

Monetary value in the long run Life insurance is a living benefit that is yours. All policies must have non-forfeitability options insurer delivers your Monetary value if your policy expires or is abandoned. The Cash delivery Option allows you to abandon the policy and your Monetary value in a package. because Life insurance lasts a lifetime and grows Monetary value, it is more expensive than temporary living.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance does not grow Monetary value, and as the name suggests, it lasts a term and then goes out. If you die during the term, the policy pays the Death benefit to your beneficiaries. If you live at the end of the term, the policy will expire without paying any benefit. The majority of life insurance policies with a term can be extended at the end of the term and can be converted into an open-ended policy up to a certain point in time.

The runtime of Term life insurance can range from one year to 30 years. The premiums remain constant during the term. If you opt for an extension at the end of the term, you do not have to prove that you are insurable, but the premiums usually increase.

Term life insurance is cheaper than life insurance. However, the more coverage you buy, the higher the premiums. Below is a table showing the average cost over a ten year period Term life insurance with $ 100,000 coverage for people of different ages.

Age group Average cost
teenager $ 9.79
20-29 $ 20.47
30-39 $ 32.41
40-49 $ 52.15
50-59 $ 118.32
60-69 $ 152.30
70-79 $ 56.20

How works Pennsylvania Protect Policyholder?

The Pennsylvania The insurance department works with the NAIC to protect consumers. Pennsylvania currently supports legislation that insurer Notify beneficiaries. Until then, their website will provide a link to the NAIC Life insurance policy Locator where to look to find out if a person has one Life insurance policy. If an insurance company had the person's policy with you as the beneficiary, they will contact you.

Required insurer Notifying beneficiaries is one way of notifying the state Pennsylvania protects consumers. Certain general policy provisions that follow the NAIC Model Laws are mandatory in most states and are protected by the policy's guidelines warranty. The provisions for the protection of the insured include the right of inspection or free look Period, Payment term, and indisputability.

The free look Period gives you the right to review the policy for a longer period after the policy has been delivered. If you are not satisfied with the policy, you can return it for a refund. The Payment term protects you against loss of insurance If you cannot pay your premium on time, usually 31 days. The non-appeal clause ensures that after the policy has been in force for a longer period of time, the insurer can only object to a claim in the event of non-payment.

What are the best and cheapest Life insurance company in the Pennsylvania?

Life insurance is a financial instrument with various uses. A person can a. to buy Life insurance policy To start an estate, the next person may want survivor protection. The best life insurance Making an inheritance may not be the right policy for generating income for daily living. Hence, the best company is the one that has the policy that best suits your needs and budget.

After determining which policy is best for you and yours Lover it is time to look Life insurance companies. Independent valuation services such as best in the morning, and S&P, rate Life insurance companies‘Financial strength, and give them a grade, usually A to D, based on factors such as the company's ability to raise capital, strategic plans, and its liquidity.

During the examination Life insurance companies, it's a good idea to know their financial strength. When a Life insurance company does not have the means to settle claims, they cannot fulfill their contractual agreements. Not all rating services use grades to express their financial strength, but when they do, A is an excellent rating, a B is good, C is fair, and D means the company is in or near liquidation.

When a Life insurance company is in liquidation and is insolvent in the Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association, is there to help Policyholder of insolvent Life insurance companies. The guarantee association of Pennsylvania can transfer your policy to a solvent insurerwhere your policy remains in effect as long as you pay your premiums.

If the Pennsylvania Guarantee association is unable to transfer your policy to another insurer, they offer financial protection. You cover Life insurance Claims of insolvent Life insurance companies up to $ 300,000 per life for a Death benefit and up to $ 100,000 per life for a Life insurance Cash delivery.

Best and cheapest Pennsylvania life insurance for teenagers

Life insurance for your growing child or grandchild, protects you and yours Lover having to take care of finances instead of comforting each other in case the unimaginable should happen. An adult is responsible as the policyholder and can hand over the policy to the youngster when he is ready to accept payments.


Transamerica offers Term life insurance Terms from 10 to 30 years, subdivided into increases of five years. For example, if you take out a 10-year policy, the premium will remain the same for the first five years and the premiums will increase over the next five years, but will remain the same for those five years. Benefit amounts range from $ 25,000 to $ 10 million.


SBLIs Term life insurance The products are inexpensive and the premiums are the same over the entire term. Your policies are renewable and convertible, and if you are between 18 and 60 years of age, a medical exam is not required for a policy with coverage up to $ 750,000.

The following table provides examples of the average cost for a 10-year term of $ 10,000 for teenagers.

Company Name Average cost
Transamerica $ 8.17
SBLI $ 8.67
Life insurance $ 8.70
Lincoln National $ 9.06
Harbor life $ 9.34
Protective life $ 9.66
Life in the Pacific $ 10.33
American general $ 10.81
United of Omaha $ 11.14
Obligation to supervise $ 12.08

Best and cheapest Pennsylvania life insurance for people from 20 to 29 years

Grow up Life insurance may seem like an inconvenient expense, especially when we're just starting out on our own. But buy a Life insurance policy In our 20s, cheap rates can stay in place for a lifetime if you choose to convert your policy to a permanent one.

Columbus life

Columbus Life insurance companyThe nautical life insurance policy is unique in the number of passengers that can be added to personalize your insurance coverage. Depending on the state in which you live, you can be an accelerated performance driver, an accident Death benefit Rider, a children's appointment rider and more.

give life

Bestow life offers applicants between the ages of 18 and 60 a completely online application process. Your Term life insurance The terms are between 10 and 30 years at 5-year intervals and the amounts insured are between 50,000 and 1.5 million US dollars.

The table below shows the average premiums for a 10-year term of $ 100,000 for those in their twenties.

Company Name Average cost
Vanti's life $ 15.36
Sagicor life $ 15.87
Legal and general $ 16.01
Columbus life $ 16.03
Harbor life $ 17.47
give life $ 18.40
Forester life $ 23.24
American family $ 23.26
Life insurance $ 27.86
Protective life $ 31.19

Best and cheapest Pennsylvania life insurance for people from 30 to 39 years

Life insurance In our 30s, it's usually the time that we find most practical. At this point, we may have growing obligations such as a mortgage, growing family, or business. With this responsibility in life, it is easier to see the importance of financially securing the future in case we are not there to manage the expenses.

Harbor life

Has harbor life Term life insurance options that are affordable, don't require a medical exam, and can go up to $ 3 million depending on the insurance policy you choose. Owned by MassMutual, Haven Life has superior financial strength and affordable premiums.

Legal and general

Legal and general offers Term life insurance Products to cover expenses such as mortgage and funeral expenses, and survivor protection. They offer Term Rider so you can tailor your insurance coverage to meet your changing needs.

The table below shows the average offers for a 10-year term and a policy of $ 100,000 for people in their thirties.

Company Name Average cost
Vanti's life $ 26.30
Sagicor life $ 26.47
give life $ 30.37
Harbor life $ 30.84
Legal and general $ 30.87
American family $ 30.88
Forester life $ 32.22
north american $ 37.25
American general $ 37.29
Mass reciprocity $ 41.57

Best and cheapest Pennsylvania life insurance for people between 40 and 49 years of age

At 40 we might have started getting our groove. Our business might be a success now, and our kids might be going to college, and we might have debts that helped us financially along the way. A Life insurance policy gives us the assurance that our Lover will be able to run the family business and pay off college loans and debts when we are unable to provide them.

American family

American family's DreamSecure Term life insurance are available in terms of 10 to 30 years. They can be extended at the end of the term and a child driver and a premium driver waiver can be added to your policy. American Family was founded in 1927 and has solid financial strength with over 90 years of experience.

Life insurance

Assurity Life term life insurances are affordable and the premiums are the same for the term intervals. Assurity life was founded in 1890 and has grown into a strong joint organization focused on long-term stability.

The following table shows examples of the average Life insurance Rewards for a 10-year term of $ 100,000 for people in their 40s.

Company Name Average cost
John Hancock life $ 27.31
American family $ 34.98
Life insurance $ 40.17
Vanti's life $ 43.65
Omaha reciprocity $ 59.75
give life $ 60.16
Minnesota life $ 60.73
SBLI $ 63.25
Legal and general $ 64.02
American general $ 67.51

Best and cheapest Pennsylvania life insurance for people between 50 and 59 years

Receive Life insurance policy in our 50s may not be as cost effective as they have been in decades past, but policies are still affordable. A $ 100,000 policy, depending on your expenses, could be an inheritance so the people we love can pass on our legacies.

Harbor life

Haven life offers a full online application process without a medical examination if you are under 65 years of age. Or if time isn't urgent, you can get a fully medically covered policy with coverage of up to $ 3 million. Other features include an accelerated Death benefit, Tiered bonuses and paperless processing.

Vanti's life

Vanti's life was in that Life insurance industry for over 75 years. You are a member of Penn Mutual Life insurance company, and they have an A + rating best in the morning.

The following table shows the average Life insurance Offer for a period of 10 years, a $ 100,000 policy for people in their 50s.

Company Name Average cost
American family $ 65.04
Vanti's life $ 93.29
Harbor life $ 96.76
Sagicor life $ 111.70
John Hancock life $ 120.87
north american $ 125.72
Life in the Pacific $ 137.06
American general $ 138.70
Forester life $ 143.98
Mass reciprocity $ 150.08

Best and cheapest Pennsylvania life insurance for people between 60 and 69 years of age

Most people in the US retire at some point when they are 60. A Life insurance policy This age gives us the assurance that we can live and play in our newfound freedom, knowing that we can use our savings and not have to pay for funeral or end-of-life expenses.

Sagicor life

Sagicor Life insurance company has affordable life insurance that can be applied for online without a medical exam. Terms are available from 10 to 20 years with coverage up to 95 years of age. Sagicor life was founded in 1954 and has an A rating best in the morning.

Forester life

Foresters Financials Term life insurance Features include renewable and convertible cover for a term of 10 to 30 years. The passengers that can be attached include a passenger with family health insurance, a passenger in the event of accidental death, and a passenger with accelerated performance.

The following table shows the average Life insurance Offers for a period of 10 years, a $ 100,000 policy for people in their 60s.

Company Name Average cost
SBLI $ 96.47
Vanti's life $ 127.82
Sagicor life $ 136.47
Harbor life $ 145.07
Banner life $ 147.79
American citizens $ 149.80
north american $ 165.17
John Hancock life $ 181.98
Forester life $ 184.88
Obligation to supervise $ 187.54

Best and cheapest Pennsylvania life insurance for people from 70 to 79 years

Whether for the first time or additional coverage, a Life insurance policy in our 70s allows us to make sure that the things we worked so hard for in life are preserved. A Life insurance policy protects our wealth, because debts incurred could consume the inheritance we leave behind.

Protective life

Protective Life Deals Term life insurance with benefit amounts between $ 100,000 and $ 50 million. Terms of 10 to 40 years can be extended and converted. Their life insurance policies are affordable and easy to understand, and they have A ratings with A.M. Bets, S&P, Fitch and Moody’s.

Lincoln life

Lincoln Financial Group offerings Term life insurance which can be requested online for quick coverage, depending on the policy you choose, or if you opt for a fully insured policy, your benefit amount can be up to $ 1 million. They have A ratings with them best in the morning, Fitt. Moody's and S&P.

The table below shows the average offer for a term of 10 years and a policy of USD 100,000 for people over 70.

Company Name Average cost
Protective life $ 42.63
SBLI $ 45.28
Life in the Pacific $ 46.19
American general $ 51.10
United of Omaha $ 57.92
Obligation to supervise $ 58.37
Sagicor life $ 58.94
Omaha reciprocity $ 65.66
north american $ 67.76
Lincoln National $ 68.19

To let Assure help you secure your American dream by choosing ours Life insurance comparison tool. It's easy. Answer a few basic questions such as: B. State you live in and your age, and in minutes Insurify will create a list of them Life insurance Offers from top insurance companies. Choose the best policy that suits your needs and apply online or call and speak to one of the company's representatives.

FAQ: Pennsylvania Life Insurance

How do I know if an insurer is safe to get a life insurance policy in Pennsylvania?

You can search for life insurance agents and insurers approved to sell life insurance in the state of Pennsylvania on the Pennsylvania Insurance Department website ( Also check the life insurer's financial strength by consulting independent rating services such as A.M. Best and S&P.

What if I decide that I no longer want the policy or that I can't afford it?

Life insurance companies have common standard provisions to protect consumers. The free viewing period gives you some time to review the policy and if you decide you no longer want it, you can return it for a refund within the time limit. A grace period of 31 days, as a rule, enables policyholders to maintain insurance cover in the event of a late premium.

How much does life insurance cost in Pennsylvania?

The cost of life insurance is primarily determined by the risk. If you participate in dangerous activities or have a history of illness, you are at greater risk of death. Therefore, the premiums will be higher than if you played it safe and were healthy all your life.


Pennsylvania is a unique American state that celebrates freedom for all, and it shows in the unique contributions it has made to society. And I'm talking about unique cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and Hershey's chocolate! Treat yourself a little, you Philly fanatic; your individualism is as sweet as water ice and you don't have to put it on yours Life insurance Application.

By using Assure So that you can find the right policy that suits your needs and budget, you could get insured in no time. Enter some basic information on the Insurify site and in less than two minutes Insurify will compile a list of offers from the the best life insurance, some of which you can purchase on the same day.

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