The Greatest Life Insurance in North Carolina: Greatest, Least expensive Insurance policies (2021)

North Carolina is a state of mystery and beauty, with the tallest peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the famous coastline that includes Kitty Hawk and the Outer Banks. It has residents who bring life to their beach communities and the biosphere. Life insurance In North Carolina is not as inexplicable as Roanoke Island, and the diversity of residents can appreciate affordable prices.

Find the cheapest rate with the right insurance company by using Insurify's comparison tool. Answer a few basic questions and the type of policy and coverage you need, and Insurify will provide you with a list of offers from the leading ones Life insurance Companies to compare and choose.

How much does it cost Life insurance Costs in North Carolina?

Life insurance The tariffs are regulated and approved by the state. That North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) regulates the insurance market, licenses Life insurance broker and Adjuster, and helps consumers educate and answer questions about insurance. It moderates the scope of insurance, including Health insurance, Pensions, Home insurance, Medicare and Medicare Supplements.

Even though Life insurance are regulated differently in North Carolina than in any other state, the factors in determining Life insurance Bonuses are uniform. Life insurance is a form of risk management that yours Lover in case of hardship, if your income is lost. Life insurance covers dangers such as death, disability and illness.

Any threat that increases the likelihood of illness or death, such as cigarette smoking, poor diet, or a dangerous job, will add dollars to your premiums. The less likely you are to die from illness or disability, or to lose your income, the less premiums you will pay.

Who has the cheapest Life insurance In North Carolina?

After you have submitted your application, Life insuranceInsurers calculate your risk based on the information on your application and other data, such as: B. Your medical and driving history. Some insurers also require a medical examination. In addition to your individual information, actuaries set the premium rates on mortality, interest and expenses.

Actuaries at Life insurance Corporations do not set a person's rewards; They set tables based on factors such as age and place of residence that insurers can use in determining individual premiums. Actuaries typically base mortality on information compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) on the Commissioners Standard Ordinary Table (CSO Table).

Mortality reflects the insured person's risk of death at the time the application is submitted. The 2017 CSO table expresses average mortality for the United States and for various demographics, including the State of North Carolina. Average life expectancy in North Carolina is usually the only factor in your premium that is specific to your state.

Since the premiums you pay earn interest, these are deducted from your premium rate. Costs that insurers expect, such as operating costs and increasing corporate net income, are added to the premium. The rest is usually up to you. The more Life insurance The higher your premiums you will want to buy, and the type of policy, lifetime or term, will affect your premium rate.

Quite Life insurance

Quite Life insurance, also called permanent Life insurance, is kind of Life insurance that takes it Policyholderthroughout his life and increases cash value. Traditional life insurance increases the guaranteed cash value. Quite Life insurance includes variable and universal life insurance, where the present value is not guaranteed and fluctuates with the market. Quite Life insurance is more expensive than deadline Life insurance.

expression Life insurance

expression Life insurance costs less than the whole Life insurance. It lasts for the duration of the term and does not increase the cash value. expression Life insurance can usually be converted into a lifelong policy up to a certain time. They are usually renewable too. expression Life insurance also comes in the form of tabs to add additional benefits such as: Long term care or additional benefits in the event of accidental death.

The amount of the bonus depends on several factors. The basis is geographic mortality, the costs of the insurer and the interest earned on your account. Individual factors such as medical conditions, your driver's license and your choice of insurance type all contribute to the amount of the premiums. The following table shows the average premiums for a 20-year contract period of USD 100,000 for different age groups.

Age group Average cost
Teenagers $ 10.02
20-29 $ 14.62
30-39 $ 33.21
40-49 $ 62.62
50-59 $ 91.56
60-69 $ 162.91
70-79 $ 187.59

Do I have to go through an agent to purchase? Life insurance?

purchase Life insurance online is convenient and can be done without one Life insurance broker. examination-free term Life insurance are available online, usually for a small to moderate price increase. Some insurers offer it Life insurance online you may need to speak to an agent or representative before your application can be finalized.

Life insurance broker are licensed by the state to sell insurance. Agent services for applicants and Policyholder This includes acting in the best interests of the applicant or insured, providing all important information about the policy, and avoiding false information about the terms of the policy. Life insurance broker must meet state education requirements before receiving their licenses.

Life insurance broker must be a state recognized Pre-license course, such as Pearson Vuebefore you the state entrance examination. You must pass the exam before taking one License application. As soon as agents their Insurance policy, you don't have to go through Pre-license training once again. But in North Carolina, you have to take continuing education every two years.

North Carolina Life insurance broker must be competent in their knowledge Life insurance and follow state regulations. You can hers Pre-license training online and apply for your license online via the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) or the NC insurance department ( If you decide to buy Life insurance online, you can request to speak to an agent for additional information.

What are the best and cheapest Life insurance Company in North Carolina?

For some, the best and cheapest policies go hand in hand, but if you have important obligations, like a family or a business, this is yours Life insurance Needs can be more complicated. Even so, you can find the best policy at an affordable price in North Carolina is possible. If you need the policy to protect your family and also want to cover your mortgage, you can add a Term Rider for a modest surcharge.

Life insurance Businesses need enough financial strength to settle accounts receivable when the time comes. Rating services such as S&P and A.M. It is best to analyze and report on the financial strength of insurance companies. The ratings are usually graded from A to D. An A is the highest claims settlement rating and D means that the company is insolvent.

If you have one Life insurance policy at an insolvent and insolvent company North Carolina Life and Health Guarantee Association helps protect Policyholder. The guarantee association helps with the settlement of bankruptcy claims Life insurance Companies up to certain limits.

A life insurance policy with a benefit amount of $ 100,000 is usually more expensive than a $ 100,000 life insurance policy because the present value increases over the entire lifetime. expression Life insurance is usually renewable and can be converted when you feel the time is right. A 20 year term Life insurance policy set the interest rates for the duration of the term or increase them gradually.

Best and cheapest Life insurance for teenagers

When it comes to life insurance products, the younger and healthier you are, the lower your premiums are. Sorry for the frugal customer whose family didn't invest in their teenage years because they were teenagers Life insurance policy& # 39; S Policyholder must be an adult, usually a parent or grandparent. Once the teenager is an adult, the policy can be transferred along with the bill and benefits.

Protective life

Policyholders the concept of protective life Life insurance products can customize their policies with a death benefit of $ 100,000 to $ 50 million. The term is between 10 and 40 years and you can attach a terminal illness driver for accelerated death benefits. Protective Life has A ratings from S&P, Fitch, Moody’s and A.M. Preferably.

Harbor life

Haven Life offers an online application process that may or may not require a medical examination depending on the policy chosen. As a subsidiary of MassMutual, Haven Life has strong financial backing and services ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 3 million.

The following table shows the average offer for a 20-year term with a term of 100,000 USD for young people.

Company Name Average cost
Transamerica $ 8.17
Protective life $ 8.28
Life in the Pacific $ 8.58
SBLI $ 8.67
Life insurance $ 8.70
Harbor life $ 9.34
Lincoln National $ 9.37
American general $ 10.81
Omaha reciprocity $ 11.14
United of Omaha $ 11.14

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people from 20 to 29 years

Policyholder at 20 you have a long life ahead of you and plan and build for the future. With a Life insurance policy, the future is a little more certain, no matter how far it leads. Purchase a Life insurance policy in your 20s protects the foundation of your environment and is available at an affordable price.

Life insurance

Assurity Life offers a range of products to protect people in the event of death, disability and critical illness. security Life insurance products can cover important expenses and provide income protection. Term life insurance has constant premiums and a guaranteed death benefit.

American citizens

American National offers term life insurance to meet short-term needs with annually renewable terms. Insurance coverage is affordable and offers expedited death benefit. American National is a publicly traded group and has A ratings with A.M. Best and S&P.

The table shows the average offer for a 20-year term of $ 100,000 for people in their twenties.

Company Name Average cost
To lend $ 8.54
Protective life $ 8.59
Sagicor life $ 8.83
Law & General America $ 8.96
American family $ 9.97
Vanti's life $ 10.36
American general $ 11.15
Life insurance $ 11.37
Harbor life $ 13.37
American citizens $ 14.17

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people from 30 to 39 years

Life insurance in our 30s protects the steps that we have taken and that we continue to take. In our 30s, many people have started families, have mortgages, and have more responsibilities than ever before. ON Life insurance policy helps protect the stability we have created.

To lend

To lend Life insurance are fast, cheap and convenient. With an online application process, you can be approved in minutes. It offers concept Life insurance to people between the ages of 18 and 60. The amounts insured are between $ 50,000 and $ 1.5 million. Bestow works with North American and Munich Re for Life insurance, and together they have strong financial backing.

Sagicor life

Sagicor Life was founded in 1954 and offers an affordable online term Life insurance. The premiums are the same for the duration of the term and the death benefit is guaranteed up to the age of 95. The policies are convertible and electronic delivery is available.

The table below shows the average offer for a 20-year term of $ 100,000 for those in their thirties.

Company Name Average cost
United of Omaha $ 22.06
American family $ 22.34
To lend $ 23.75
Sagicor life $ 24.65
American citizens $ 25.63
American general $ 26.33
Vanti's life $ 27.38
Banner life $ 27.46
Lincoln National $ 27.87
Protective life $ 29.19

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people between 40 and 49 years of age

For some, our 40s are a time to secure our foundations. We've worked hard and don't want our estate, no matter how large, to go towards end-of-life expenses. ON Life insurance policy takes care of our Lover can continue to stand on the foundation we have laid without hesitation.

Lincoln National

Lincoln National was founded in 1905 and has A ratings with A.M. Best, S&P, Fitch and Moody’s. A medical examination is waived if you meet the requirements. It offers an online or telephone interview for the application process and a high level of performance. Passengers who may be included with your policy include expedited benefits, premium waivers and children's cyclists.

Obligation to supervise

Prudential offers a variety of terms Life insurancewhich, depending on the policy selected, offer an online application process and can be extended annually. And you can add drivers to personalize your coverage.

The table below shows the average offering for a term of 20 years and a policy of $ 100,000 for people in their forties.

Company Name Average cost
To lend $ 16.25
Lincoln National $ 17.91
American general $ 20.18
SBLI $ 21.81
Sagicor life $ 22.25
Obligation to supervise $ 23.25
Omaha reciprocity $ 23.41
United of Omaha $ 24.10
Vanti's life $ 24.52
Life insurance $ 25.07

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people between 50 and 59 years

In our 50s, we may have just started doing the things we love, or we may be nearing retirement. Anyway, a Life insurance policy give us the assurance that our neighbors will not be burdened with lost income and that our retired days can live without worrying about what we can leave behind.

Life in the Pacific

Pacific Life offers a wide variety of Life insurance products to protect you Lover, Your business, and your important responsibilities. The policies are changeable and terms can be available in 5 or 10 year increments, depending on the selected policy.

north american

North American term Life insurance products are clear and affordable. It offers an accelerated death benefit and incremental premiums for the duration of the term. North America has A ratings with A.M. Best, S&P, Fitch, and the Better Business Bureau.

The following table shows the average Life insurance Offers for a period of 20 years, a policy of $ 100,000 for people over 50.

Company Name Average cost
Minnesota life $ 67.14
American family $ 67.53
Law & General America $ 69.98
SBLI $ 72.07
Banner life $ 72.63
American general $ 73.07
Harbor life $ 73.87
Life in the Pacific $ 74.06
Lincoln National $ 76.84
north american $ 77.18

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people between 60 and 69 years of age

In our 60s, most people want to enjoy the best that life has to offer with those we love most. ON Life insurance policy in our 60s helps secure a legacy for ours Lover and ensures that the final cost is covered and not charged to ours Lover.


Established in 1907, SBLI has great customer reviews on Trustpilot and prides itself on providing excellent customer service. It has A ratings from S&P, A.M. Best, and the Better Business Bureau. It offers affordable term Life insurance with constant premiums for the term of the policy.

Vanti's life

Vantis Life offers a variety of products to protect families and their wealth. It has an A rating with A.M. Best and excellent rating on Trustpilot. His concept Life insurance are affordable and can provide Long term care.

The table below shows the average offer for a term of 20 years and a policy of USD 100,000 for people over 60.

Company Name Average cost
SBLI $ 50.52
Lincoln National $ 69.17
Vanti's life $ 97.39
Sagicor life $ 108.98
Obligation to supervise $ 125.84
Harbor life $ 128.98
Law & General America $ 136.10
Banner life $ 136.64
American general $ 140.12
American citizens $ 143.94

Best and cheapest Life insurance for people from 70 to 79 years

If you don't have one Life insurance policy in your 70s, selection of Life insurance Companies will not be as numerous as they are for younger generations. However, the right policies to leave something behind for our younger and future generations still exist with the strong Life insurance Companies.


Founded in 1904, Transamerica built its name on the principle that everyone deserves financial security. In 2020, it paid out $ 49 billion in insurance claims. Pensions, and retirement plans. It offers high levels of benefit from $ 25,000 to $ 10 million. It has high ratings with A.M. Best, S&P and Moody's.

Law & General America

Legal & general Life insurance are designed to cover essential expenses such as your mortgage and your child's college education, and to serve as a substitute for income. Its affordable policies allow you to buy more coverage for less money and they can be customized to suit the drivers.

The following table provides examples of a 20-year term of $ 100,000 for people over 70.

Company Name Average cost
Transamerica $ 183.03
Banner life $ 188.81
Law & General America $ 195.89

Insurify will help you meet your financial goals with the right one Life insurance policy, no matter how old you are. Save time and money by comparing the best deals Life insurance Company in a few minutes. Let Insurify help you find the best policy at the right price.

FAQ: Life Insurance in North Carolina

If I buy a policy online, do I need to speak to an agent?

Some life insurers offer a full online application process. Other online applications may require you to speak to an agent before your application can be completed. If you'd like an agent to explain their policies, you can always call the company's toll-free number to speak to one.

Who Regulates Life Insurance in North Carolina?

The North Carolina Department of Insurance creates guidelines and approves life insurance plans in North Carolina. It also helps educate residents about insurance products. You can contact them online (, by mail (at 1201 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699), or in Raleigh (at 325 N. Salisbury Street).

Is Life Insurance In North Carolina Expensive?

Life insurance rates are based on the average mortality for your age group, the insurer's expenses, and the interest that grows on your insurance account. Insurers use the base rate to determine a person's premiums based on the information in your application. The younger you are with less medical history, the lower your premiums.


Whether you are a member of the Wolfpack in. are Raleigh, prefer the tar heels in Chapel hill, or see red by the mention of either as a Durham Blue devil, Life insurance In North Carolina will not discriminate. In the mountains or on the shore, you can find affordable cover that allows you to enjoy the scenery or the game a little more.

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