The three commonest motorcar insurance claims of 2021 – KFI AM 640

Car accidents cost Texan drivers a lot of money in 2021. Even if you're well insured, deductibles can be expensive and time wasted expensive. AAA Texas says if your accident was inevitable – it won't be cheap. Joshua Zuber of AAA Texas lists the most common. "Rear collisions and fender benders. These cost about $ 13,000." He says to put your phone down and use your blinker. And watch cars around you.

Zuber continues: “Second place: collisions caused by vehicles moving backwards cost more than US $ 3,400. Avoid shortcuts like cutting through parking lanes and empty parking spaces. Also watch out for other reversing vehicles and pedestrians. Zuber says you should back up slowly and constantly check your surroundings. "

Number 3 may surprise you. Zuber says, "Hail damage. That can cost you about $ 5,700 on average." He says ducking into a garage or putting a blanket or two over the roof and hood can help.

Driving defensively and being extra careful on roads and parking lots during busy times will end your year a lot happier.

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