"There are not any protected states": the horrible climate in 2021 might enhance the prices of home insurance – archyde

"The number one cause of damage to homeowners in the United States is water," Lanham says. "The storms that we have, the hurricanes that we have are more violent and bring more rain."

The torrential rain that comes with more storms means people who don't live on the coast could also be at risk of flooding: inland streams and rivers are a growing problem in other parts of the country.

Lanham adds that natural disasters are increasingly occurring in locations where structures are not built to withstand these elements. “There are no safe states,” he says, pointing out that “Hurricane Alley” has spread far from the Florida coast and the southeastern Atlantic coast.

It's true, as mentioned earlier, that flood insurance is getting more expensive overall as the federal agency that creates most policies has adjusted their tariffs to more accurately reflect the risk of flooding a homeowner faces. More than 75% of the roughly 5 million people who have flood insurance will have their premiums increased, but for most the increases will be modest – $ 10 a month or less, FEMA says. And many of the remaining homes – many of them more modest apartments – will actually benefit from a fall in prices as the new system removes FEMA subsidies from those homeowners who have helped keep prices down for larger properties in riskier locations .

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