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The right amount of home insurance is important. Property owners need to make sure they are fully protecting their assets from loss – especially since the chances are their home is their greatest asset and the place where they keep all of their possessions.

The best way for homeowners to make sure they have the coverage they need is to ask themselves a few key questions before purchasing home insurance. In particular, there are three things every homeowner needs to find the answers to to ensure they are fully protected.

1. How much personal property do you have?

Household contents insurance not only covers the house itself. It can also include homeowner ownership. In fact, it provides protection for personal belongings when something happens to them in the house and when something happens elsewhere.

This coverage takes the form of personal property protection. It is worth replacing a homeowner's furniture, electronics, and other belongings if the house burns down or some other covered event occurs and those items are lost. If a homeowner's expensive electronics are stolen while on the move, home insurance can cover this damage too.

Homeowners need to know how much their personal property is worth to make sure the coverage limits are large enough to replace whatever they own. While insurers often set policy limits as a percentage of the insured value of the home, this may not always be enough.

The best way for homeowners to make sure their property is protected is to keep a home inventory list. It takes time, but it's worth it because if a property owner has to claim damage, an insurer wants to see this inventory anyway.

2. Is the house in a floodplain?

Standard homeowner policies usually exclude coverage for flood damage. Therefore, if a property is in an area where it could be flooded, it is important to have self-contained coverage.

Most lenders will ask for it, but homeowners should buy it even if they are paying cash for a home. Otherwise, they could find themselves without any protection from rising water that damages their home or property.

3. How much liability insurance coverage is required?

Finally, the home contents insurance pays out money to injured parties if they are injured while visiting the insured property or in any other way in a manner for which the homeowner is responsible. If someone slips on the stairs and breaks their ankle, or is bitten by a homeowner's dog and needs stitching, civil liability cover pays the victim for which the homeowner is legally liable.

It is important for property owners to have adequate liability protection in place to ensure that their assets are not at risk. If the coverage limits are too low and an injured party suffers a lot of damage, the property owner could otherwise get stuck to cover his damage out of pocket. This could result in garnishments of wages, mortgages, and financial losses of tens of thousands of dollars.

The bottom line is that home insurance offers really important protection. Homeowners need to make sure they have adequate coverage so that the insurer protects them from damage that could otherwise lead to financial havoc.

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