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There are increasing instances where motorists are forced to use their own insurance instead of coverage from a liability insurer in the event of a vehicle accident.

The CEO, Saravanan Thambirajah, said that in the event of an accident, both parties would have to file a police report. “This allows the victim to take out the perpetrator's insurance if the perpetrator does not want to pay for the damage. Unfortunately, some perpetrators do not file a complaint, making it difficult for victims to get insurance, ”he said in a statement.

In these circumstances, many have had to seek payment of the fine from their own insurance company for the actions of others. “In this case, the victims lose their no claims bonus (NCB), which is unfair. Why do victims have to go through this torment because others have made mistakes? "

Saravanan also said there have been many cases where motorists drove around without valid vehicle insurance and were not punished for it in the event of an accident. He said such perpetrators would get out without further action and eventually have no problem renewing their car insurance.

He said that action needs to be taken to contain the longstanding problem and urged the authorities to look into the matter. "Criminals need to be punished and victims protected by providing them with insurance without losing their NCB."

"Bank Negara, as the insurance regulator, should work with the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM), the police and the Department of Road Transport (JPJ) to create a task force to address this threat," he said.

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