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Tom Fowler, Attorney at Law, shares with Des Moines residents how Iowa law affects outcome if injured in a car or truck accident.

Des Moines, IA – If an Iowa resident is injured in a car or truck accident, some key laws govern what happens after the accident if the injured person seeks compensation for their losses.

Attorney Fowler, a personal injury attorney in Des Moines, is warning the public that Iowa is a "indebted" state. This means that as soon as the police and insurance companies have determined who caused the accident, the person who caused the accident must pay for the damage to the other driver.

Often times, since this is real life, both drivers have to share the blame. Des Moines auto accident attorney at Tom Fowler Law will also warn residents that Iowa has changed its "comparative negligence" laws. This means that if one person is 50% responsible for the accident, that person cannot pick up anything from the other driver.

However, if it is found, for example, that a driver is only responsible for 30% of the accident, he can claim 70% of the damage.

Finding a knowledgeable Des Moines auto accident attorney is important here. At Tom Fowler Law, the firm employs a full-time investigator to double-check that their clients are not being blamed for more than they are due. The investigator checks all facts, including the police report and reports from insurance experts.

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Tom Fowler law firm was founded by attorney Tom Fowler and is a true family business. Attorney Fowler, a US Marine Corps veteran, is assisted by his brother, who leads the investigation, and his mother and sister, who each have years of medical experience.

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