USAA Dwelling Insurance Assessment 2021 – Forbes

USAA home insurance offers the standard types of coverage you would expect:

  • Housing coverage pays for damage to your home and its structures, such as a garage or deck.
  • Covering other structures pays for damage to free-standing structures on your property, such as sheds or fences.
  • Personal property protection pays for theft or damage to your property such as furniture, electronics, clothing, and valuables.
  • Liability insurance covers unintentional property damage and injuries to other people, e.g. B. A guest who slips on your icy sidewalk. It also pays for your legal defense if you are sued over an incident that is covered by your home insurance.
  • Additional living expenses covers additional costs such as restaurant meals, hotel bills and services (e.g. pet accommodation) if you are due to an issue covered by your policy (e.g. travel insurance).

Home insurance supplements are available from USAA, such as:

  • Extended replacement coststhat provides additional cover for your home if the cost of repairs exceeds your stated home cover. This is especially good at times when major damage (e.g. tornado damage) is occurring and construction costs are skyrocketing. USAA offers extended replacement coverage of 25% or 50%.
  • Home sharing coverage offers protection if you rent out your home or just a single room.
  • Earthquake insurance pays for repairs to your home when it has been damaged by an earthquake.
  • Flood insurance covers flood damage to your house structure and / or property.
  • Valuable private property insurance pays the replacement cost of your valuables (as opposed to depreciation) and has no deductible.

In addition to homeowner insurance, USAA sells condominium, tenant, and rental property insurance. USAA also sells umbrella insurance policies that offer deductible liability insurance.

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