Verify if the car insurance covers golf golf equipment or you’ll solely get £ 100 – that's cash

"BEFORE" -warned: Golfers should check their car insurance for stolen clubs as the fine print means they may get as little as £ 100 for a £ 1,200 set

  • Heycar said the average new set of clubs cost an average of £ 1,200
  • Auto insurers define them as “personal possessions” with low maximum payouts
  • Some policies offer £ 100 on stolen clubs – barely enough to replace a driver

Golfers have been warned to check their insurance policies that cover the cost of their clubs if they are stolen from their car.

With a new full set of thugs averaging £ 1,200, they have become a tempting target for thieves looking to steal valuable items from inside vehicles.

However, new research has shown that golf enthusiasts could be seriously left out of their pockets if they fell victim to car crime, as most insurance policies barely cover the cost of a club, let alone a full set.

“BEFORE” Warning: Golf enthusiasts are urged to verify that their car insurance policies provide adequate coverage for the cost of replacing their clubs if they are stolen from the trunk of their car

The country's leading insurers define clubs in their policies as “personal property” and typically only cover them up to a value of between £ 100 and £ 500.

The lower end of that potential payout is equivalent to replacing a single top-of-the-range driver.

Heycar conducted a market survey and found that a fully comprehensive insurance from RIAS at just £ 100 pays the least for such thefts.

Admiral costs £ 150 while Direct Line is the most generous of the major insurance providers, with some policies offering £ 500 for full coverage of personal belongings.

To better protect clubs, insurers recommend that they be added to "personal effects" coverage as part of home insurance.

For example, Admiral says: 'Golf clubs can be insured from home through Admiral Home Insurance's home insurance (subject to terms and conditions). This would cover up to £ 1,000 if stolen or damaged in the car.

AXA offers coverage of up to £ 1,500 for possessions covered by a standard household policy that are stolen or damaged from a vehicle.


insurer Average insurance coverage for personal belongings (with a full insurance policy) Are golf clubs included? Club Coverage Terms
RIAS £ 100 per person (up to a maximum of £ 400) Yes sir Must not be visible in the trunk
Agea's car 300 € Yes sir Must not be visible in the trunk
NFU Mutual £ 250 Yes sir Must not be visible in the trunk
admiral £ 150 (gold and platinum policies rise to £ 300) Yes sir Must not be visible in the trunk
More than £ 250 Yes sir Personal items must be out of sight or locked in the trunk.
AXA £ 300-400 Yes sir Articles must not be visible
Direct line £ 250 or £ 500 (depending on policy) Yes sir Must not be visible in the trunk
Source: Heycar

Dan Powell, Senior Editor at Heycar, says: “Golf has never been as popular as it is now.

“Since the first ban, 15 million additional rounds have been played with 2.3 million new players.

“However, many motorists are likely to be shocked to find that they may not have the proper insurance to replace their equipment in the event of theft.

“As with most things in life, it pays to be honest about taking out insurance and to ask a few key questions. What does the policy cover and would it be better to have golf clubs covered by a household policy instead?


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