Visitors controller punished for hazard of falling and leading to dying – firm insurance

The Occupational Safety and Health Agency on Friday upheld a prior order that issued two serious charges and a $ 12,675 fine against a road construction company for its safety deficiencies in the accidental death of an employee.

RoadSafe Traffic Systems Inc., a Chicago-based road construction company that provides traffic control, lane marking, and lane marking services, has found workers exposed to falling hazards while working from the back of a moving vehicle, according to Labor Department documents v. RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc., filed with the Occupational Safety and Health Examination Board.

The penalties result from an OSHA investigation conducted in 2017 into a fatal accident involving four RoadSafe employees in which an employee was killed after being hit by a company vehicle and killed while installing raised reflectors on a freeway.

On November 14, 2017, near Devers, Texas, the crew of four replaced damaged or defective reflectors operating in a three-vehicle convoy that formed a buffer between the leading truck of the convoy from which the installation work was being carried out and passing by should form motorists, documents state.

The accident happened after a driver fell behind the lead truck and was accelerating to catch up, colliding with the lead truck and driving as J.H. designated employee and killed him. Following the investigation, OSHA alleged that RoadSafe employees were at risk of falling while working from the back of a moving vehicle, which was found to be an accurate and known risk recognized by RoadSafe leadership and in its employee handbook, and inadequate were protected.

The order, which issued a serious subpoena and $ 12,675 fine, was upheld on December 10th.

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