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Warning to anybody with home insurance in regards to the results of claims of any form – Each day File

Just a single damage to home insurance can increase the cost of an extension policy by more than 50 percent.

An analysis published by the Consumers Group shows that home insurance customers who have applied pay, on average, 57 percent or £ 91 more than those who have not applied.

Uncompensated households pay an average of £ 161, while those who have made a claim can expect around £ 252 and those with two home insurance claims can expect an average of £ 359 – a whopping £ 198 increase compared to a claim policyholder.

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This compared to an average increase of £ 69 for drivers who recently made two car insurance claims.

Motorists making two previous claims had to pay an average of £ 955 for coverage.

One reason that home insurance customers are faced with higher price increases than auto insurance customers in the event of a claim could be the cost of the cleanup.

Among the beneficiaries of household insurance, the most common reasons given for making claims were:

  • Accident loss
  • Accidental damage
  • Escape from water
  • thefts

All of this can mean complex or costly replacement work or potential property safety concerns.

The top three motor vehicle insurance claims reported were accidents where the driver was responsible but not injured, “involuntary” accidents, and accidents involving a single vehicle.

The? was helped by comparison website GoCompare to examine the average of millions of offers received by drivers and households that used their service between January and August 2021.

Ryan Fulthorpe, Auto and Home Expert at GoCompare, said, "If you have auto and home insurance, your premiums will almost certainly increase in the following year – the more it will affect the price you pay."

The investigation also found that among auto insurance customers, drivers who had applied paid, on average, £ 81 less than those who had not previously applied.

One possible explanation is that drivers who take the time to look for better deals can avoid paying more, suggested the study's backers.

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Jenny Ross, editor of Which? Money, said, “You could decide that it is not worth making a claim at all, but insurers can ask you to disclose incidents that could have led to a claim.

"Honesty is always the best policy or your insurance could be voided."

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