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Millions of drivers could knowingly or unknowingly break the law by driving other people's cars without proper insurance.

Research by a leading insurance comparison service has revealed considerable confusion about the coverage of “Driving Other Cars” (DoC) in standard insurance policies, with many drivers wrongly assuming that their fully comprehensive insurance automatically covers them.

According to a survey by Confused.com, one in eight drivers wrongly believes that fully comprehensive insurance automatically includes driving other vehicles and one in seven does not know the basic requirements for DoC protection.

Driving without insurance, even if you think you have insurance, will result in a £ 300 fine and in certain circumstances the police may seize the vehicle in question.

In the past, DoC coverage was usually included as standard on fully comprehensive policies, but more recently, many insurers have phased it out altogether or put more stringent restrictions on who they offer it to.

In general, according to Confused, drivers are only eligible for DoC coverage if they are over 25 years old and have fully comprehensive insurance and the other car they drive is already insured. Even then, not all policies are insured and in most cases the coverage does not extend to delivery vans or other commercial vehicles.

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“Comprehensive policy. But if you are over 25 or have a comprehensive policy, you are not entitled to it. This must be stated on your policy, otherwise you risk the fine.

“Driving without insurance is an offense that can result in fines, but it can also damage your record when it comes to applying for new car insurance. In addition, you could risk paying to have your car released, which, given the fine, could end up costing you more than an insurance policy itself. "

It's also worth noting that DoC coverage only applies to third party damage, which is repairs you make to other vehicles but not the one you drive.

Research by Confused.com also found a sharp increase in the number of drivers caught uninsured in the past year. More than 100,000 drivers were caught driving without insurance in 2020 – an increase of 16 percent over the previous year. And in the past two years, police have crushed 56,000 uninsured cars after owners failed to reclaim them.

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