Widespread Errors That Might Void Your House or Auto Insurance – Cheshire Stay

You may not know, but simple things like opening windows while you are away from home, keeping quiet about a new job, or posting vacation photos on social media can mean you won't be insured.

According to MoneySuperMarket, more than a quarter (27%) of people said they left their windows open while they were away, but didn't know that doing so could result in a home insurance claim being denied.

Posting a selfie on social media while on vacation, which 16% of respondents said without knowing their cover might expire, could also alert burglars that a house is empty, the website added.

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Many people did renovations such as extensions during the coronavirus lockdown.

However, 16% said they had not reported any renovations to their insurer and were unaware that it was necessary.

Also, many people were unaware that a friend's extended stay could potentially affect their policies as well.

Turning to auto insurance, 16% of drivers were unaware that changing jobs or job title without informing their insurer could potentially invalidate their policy and were therefore silent, as was the case in a survey of 2,000 people across the world UK revealed in June.

Praksha Patel-Shah, Insurance Specialist at MoneySuperMarket, said, "If you haven't read your policies in a while, read them again to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions to ensure you have the right coverage for your needs."

Here are the top ways people may have unwittingly invalidated their auto insurance, according to MoneySuperMarket:

1. Job / job title changed, but not informed your provider, 16%

2. Driving unhindered with a pet on the seat, 15%

3. Have you had an accident in which your car was damaged but the insurer was not informed, 11%

4. Error updating your main address, 7%

5. Provided incorrect information to your insurer about the place where your car will be staying, 7%

The most common ways people may have unwittingly invalidated their home insurance:

1.Windows left open when leaving the house / apartment, 27%

2. Posted a picture on social media while on vacation, 16%

3. Renovated your house / apartment without notifying the insurer, 16%

4. Leaving a door unlocked when leaving a house, 12%

5. Had a friend who stayed over a month 10%

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