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A RED warning has been issued as Storm Arwen is expected to hit Britain and bring up to 20 inches of snow.

Motorists are concerned about how the rare red warnings can affect their insurance. Here's what you need to know.


Storm Arwen is expected to strike the land

Will a red weather warning affect your car insurance?

MoneySuperMarket says your insurance is still valid – but if your insurance company can prove your contributory negligence, your claim may be questioned.

Kevin Pratt, consumer expert at MoneySuperMarket, told The Scottish Sun, “Your coverage should remain in effect whatever the weather, but don't take that as a green flag to drive without heeding the red warning for snow.

"Just knowing that you are going to get a withdrawal shouldn't mean that you are taking unreasonable risks.

“If your insurance company can prove your contributory negligence, your claim can be questioned and the payout reduced.

“For example, if you drove into a swollen ford where there was a warning and your car stopped and was ruined by water, your claim may not be paid.

"You may not even be eligible for road safety recovery because you got yourself into trouble lightly.

“The same applies if you drive on a street contrary to the official road closure signs and then get involved in an accident.

"Your home insurance should cover you for the devastation of the storm, regardless of its intensity."

Direct Line spokesman Simon Hendrick added, “For their own personal safety, we will advise all customers to listen to local news and local authorities to venture out in extreme weather.

“But it doesn't make your insurance null and void.

"People should be careful when the weather is this extreme and shouldn't really venture out unless there is an extreme need."

An Association of British Insurers spokesman added: “We urge all motorists to heed the advice of local authorities and emergency services in snowy areas carefully – especially when a red warning is displayed.

"People's safety is paramount. However, the rumors on social media that car insurance will be voided if people drive during a red warning are not true.

"The motor vehicle insurance covers you as usual, provided you drive in accordance with the law."

What is a red weather alert?

The Met Office issues warnings of severe or hazardous weather conditions that have the potential to cause “damage, widespread disruption and / or death”.

The warnings are colored yellow, yellow, and red to reflect the severity and likelihood of an impact.

Red is the most serious of the weather warnings.

It means "extreme weather" is expected.

The Met Office says, “Red means you should take steps now to protect yourself and others from the effects of the weather.

“Large-scale damage, travel and power interruptions, and mortal danger are likely.

"You must avoid hazardous areas and follow the advice of emergency services and local authorities."

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