Windsor-Essex areas are among the many highest in Ontario for home insurance premiums – CTV Information Windsor

Windsor-Essex residents pay one of the highest home insurance premiums in the province, with five regions making up the top 10 most expensive cities, according to insurance comparison website RatesDotCA.

According to the website, LaSalle, Windsor, Kingsville, Amherstburg, Essex make up half of the top 10, while Leamington ranks in the top 20 most expensive cities for home insurance list. LaSalle comes in first.

"Cities in the Windsor area occupy the entire first half of the list of the top 20 cities with the most expensive home insurance in Ontario," the website said. “Homes in Lasalle, a town near Windsor of approximately 30,000 residents, have an estimated annual premium of $ 2,098 – the most expensive in the province and more than double what residents of the Ontario city with the lowest home insurance premiums pay . "

The website included the list based on data collected by their comparison software:

1. Lasalle – $ 2,098

2. Windsor – $ 2,072

3. Kingsville – $ 1,889

4. Amherstburg – $ 1,864

5. Thunder Bay – $ 1,857

6. Timmins – $ 1,821

7. Lively (Walden) – $ 1,761

8. Essex – $ 1,760

9. Garson – $ 1,747

10. Elliot Lake – $ 1,747

Leamington came in at number 20 on the list with an estimated premium of $ 1,553.

According to the site's editor-in-chief John Shmeul, location is an important factor in determining a premium, and high crime rates and increasing weather events are also taken into account.

“Insurance companies try to estimate the risk posed by a house and its owner. Regardless of location, a home in a neighborhood with a higher crime rate or one that is frequently hit by severe weather poses a higher risk, and the premiums will reflect that, "Shmeul said.

Property crimes occur at least six times a day in Windsor, and in 2018 police reported that there had been a break-in or attempted break-in every four hours, the website said. In 2020, it decreased to every 5.75 hours, for a total of 1,532 for the year.

Storms can also be responsible for higher rates, which is why RatesDotCA is suggesting that homeowners take steps to protect their home from flooding – this is no stranger to the Windsor-Essex area.

Some suggestions include regular cleaning of your gutters and pipes and installing a back pressure valve or sump pump, among others.

– With files from Sergio Arangio of CTV Northern Ontario.

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