Worker wins in enchantment proceedings for violation of a parking area – firm insurance

An Ohio appeals court on Thursday overturned and remanded a previous judgment denying employee compensation upon arrival at work after falling into an employer-controlled parking lot.

Shonda Hicks, a licensed insurance surveyor with the Safelite Group, filed with the Ohio Bureau of Workers & # 39; Compensation is entitled to benefits for injuries to her left hip and lower back that she allegedly sustained in a fall on the sidewalk entrance of the office, according to documents filed in Hicks v. Safelite Group, Inc., filed in the Ohio District 10th Franklin County, Ohio Court of Appeal.

Ms. Hicks' claim was rejected three times by the commission before a court ruling against her was decided. Ms. Hicks appealed, arguing that the court made a two-point error in its summary judgment that violated the state's come-and-go rule.

On appeal, Ms. Hicks argued that she “met the set of exemptions from the come-and-go rule because it took into account the lack of control rather than the other factors of the exception,” the documents read.

Conversely, the appeals court ruled: “Ms. Hicks was legally within the employment zone when she slipped and fell in the parking lot next to the office building rented by Safelite. As a result, the alleged injuries suffered by Ms. Hicks from and during her employment were made and the court made a mistake in finding that Hicks was not eligible to participate in the Workers Injury Fund, ”the court documents read.

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