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Canstar's first Car Insurer of the Year Award
revealed what every car owner wants to know: where to get it
the best value for money and features for insurance to protect one of
Your most expensive asset – your car.

And the answer
according to Canstar's tailor-made award methodology and
Customer feedback, Tower Insurance is!

Turm won
Awarded and honored as the best car insurer of the year of the year
an Outstanding Value Award together with its partner brand Trade
Me. AMP Wealth Management has also gained outstanding value

Jose George, Canstar New Zealand General
Manager said the awards were created to recognize
outstanding value in an industry that consumers could be in
less willing buyers.

“Consumers say they often are
hesitant to spend on insurance so we wanted to acknowledge it
Excellence in this field and in turn assist you in making kiwifruit
good decisions for your budget and needs. "

The car
Insurer of the Year Award reflects the analysis of
Canstar's expert review team based on its proprietary
Methodology taking into account costs and functions, along with
Feedback from customers. The Outstanding Value Award is
based on price and features.

Across the two awards
Tower was found by the Canstar team to offer a "high level"
coverage ”for a“ competitive premium ”. Had customers
also reported a very high level of satisfaction with the value
for money, unpretentiousness and completeness of
Home page.

Canstar's research indicates that the tower is being offered
better value for money than the market average for all
Age group. In addition, Tower quickly got on
changing customer needs, offering products to a great extent
in demand, such as coverage for electric vehicles.

Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer of Tower, said during the
Over the past few years, Tower has simplified its suite of products
even further to keep up with changing customers

“Insurance should be easy. so we have
everything simplified, from the quick preparation of offers to
understand what's in your policy, make claims, and
Manage policies online. Our customers are also happy
innovative benefits and services, including remote
Assessment, breakdown assistance for electric vehicles, priority repair
Dates, two years of full replacement for new cars and
Discounts for bundling contracts.

“Tower is too
committed to developing a safe driving environment for all
Kiwi driver. So that our customers can use the Go Carma app to
track their driving habits and are rewarded with lower ones
Excesses for safe driving. Our digital-first approaches
are very popular with our customers and we
believe Tower is well on the way to reinvent insurance
Industry to help kiwis when they need it

According to Mr. George "the tower proved"
itself an absolute highlight in the industry. His customers
are very satisfied with all aspects of the insurance, and the
Tower team should be very proud of what it has

AMP Wealth Management and Trade Me, the
both won Outstanding Value Awards, were also recognized for
their excellence in the field.

Found the Canstar team
AMP Wealth Management has functions like
the benefits of having a car stolen or in
an accident. Trade Me is now offered competitively
Premiums across a range of risk levels and coverage

Jeff Ruscoe, AMP's Chief Client Officer
Wealth Management said, “This is great recognition from
Canstar and our customers about the outstanding value of our offer.
Together with our partner Vero, we continue to strive to
Offer your customers quality assurance at a price that
allows them to make other decisions within their own
Budgets. "

Head of Trade Me Insurance Jeremy Wade
said, “Every day, over 670,000 kiwis visit Trade Me to find
the things they want and need. As New Zealand's largest
Vehicle sales market, we are committed to kiwifruit & # 39;
individual insurance needs and make it as easy as possible
so that they protect the cars they love. "

For further
Details can be found on the Canstar NZ website, here.

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