Yankees are nonetheless within the recreation of botched deal – business insurance

A New York State Supreme Court judge on Thursday dismissed all but one in a lawsuit against the Yankees and Major League Baseball over their contract with the team's previous owners, who will still bring the defendants to court : Breach of contract.

As the New York Post reports, Nostalgic Partners, the consortium that owned the Staten Island Yankees from 2011 until the team split up last winter, claims that the MLB's "dramatic" downsizing was a foul on the owners of Staten Island.

A written agreement between Nostalgic and the Yankees said the two sides would stay in business together as long as the Yankees owned 5% of their Staten Island subsidiary, which they did at the time of the downsizing, according to the Post.

As the judge wrote, “The MLB's decision to restructure its relationship with (Minor League Baseball) and change the name of the MLB's minor league membership agreement from a 'Professional Development Contract' to a 'Professional Development License' is a 'distinction without difference '. because it ignores the parties' intention to maintain a relationship in the future. "

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